Will the Peloton Rower (Peloton Row) have a self assembly delivery option?

An interesting new detail has emerged about the Peloton Rower (Peloton Row): the device could potentially have a self-assembly delivery option. Bob Treemore has pointed out via Tweet that buried in Peloton’s website coding is a note about “caesar_self_assembly.”

Peloton website code containing “caesar_self_assembly.”
Peloton website code containing “caesar_self_assembly.”

As a reminder, “Caesar” is Peloton’s codename for their upcoming rowing device.

This would be quite a significant development if Peloton were in fact able to offer a self-assembly option for the rower. Aside from the Peloton Guide (which is a small device that simply connects to a television), all of Peloton’s hardware (i.e. the Bike, Bike+, Tread, and recalled Tread+) require professional set-up services either by Peloton or a third party logistics company like XPO.

This adds an extra scheduling piece to each purchase and can add to customer wait times, which Peloton has greatly struggled with in the past. Furthermore, members have long-reported delivery and set-up related headaches – particularly with XPO – so this could be a big win if Peloton’s rowing device is simple enough for customers to set up on their own.

Interestingly, one of Peloton’s top competitors in the rowing space – Hydrow – has long offered a self-assembly option for their rower, including their newest rower that they announced just last month. Hydrow offers guides and videos for members to assist in the initial set-up of their device.

This is the latest in a series of recent developments about the Peloton Rower. Last week we reported that the device will potentially be called “Peloton Row” and beta testing invites have apparently already been sent. We also received further evidence that Peloton plans to launch rowing bootcamps following the rowing launch.

Of course, just because the code exists does not definitively mean that Peloton will be able to offer a self-assembly option for their rower – but it is a promising sign. Special thanks again to Bob for uncovering this code!

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