Peloton Rower Bootcamp Classes to Launch: Further Confirmation

More evidence has surfaced indicating that Peloton will be offering rowing bootcamp classes, in addition to standard rowing classes, once the rower is available (which was announced at Homecoming in May).

Just before Homecoming, we shared information that pointed towards rowing bootcamp classes be existing in some workout data files. At the time, it was listed as “caesar_bootcamp” – with Caesar being a codename of the rower.

As of yesterday, July 26th, Peloton has updated one of their APIs and this update includes a class type titled “Row Bootcamp”. This is further confirmation that Peloton members can expect to see Rower Bootcamp Classes added to the platform once the Rower has launched.

Row Bootcamp Data in the API
Row Bootcamp Data in the API

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it is basically a program that sends information back and forth between app users and the website. This specific API is used so that the Peloton App knows what class types & instructors are shown. It is currently being sent via the API – but with an extra “active’ flag set to false so the app doesn’t display it yet. So, while Peloton members cannot see this update, “Row Bootcamps” has been added to the API, meaning Peloton is prepared to have this appear on the app whenever ready — likely as soon as the Rower equipment launches.

There has still been no date officially announced for the launch of the Rower, but it appears Peloton is moving ahead with preparations and planning in anticipation of its debut! We previously shared that it will likely be available for sale n September/October, with deliveries taking place in October/November. Peloton recently confirmed the rower was “on track” for release in 2022.

Are you excited about the idea of Rower Bootcamps? Does this news make you any more or less interested in purchasing a Rower?

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Tatiana Sokolik
Tatiana Sokolik is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Bike and Tread in 2020 and has been smitten with Peloton ever since.


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