Rumor: Peloton Rower to be called “Peloton Row” & Beta Testing of rower has started

The Peloton Rower rumor mill is continuing to swirl this week.

According to a social media comment that has since been deleted, the official product name for the Peloton Rower will be “Peloton Row.” In addition, it appears that beta testing of the device has already begun with members through Peloton’s Field Testing Community program.

Although the Rower was announced at Peloton Homecoming 2022, there has still yet to be any official communication around when it will be available. We reported at the time that we would likely see the Peloton rowing machine be available for sale around September or October – and shipping could begin in October or November (of 2022).

Since then, Peloton’s new Chief Supply Chain Officer Andrew Rendich shared in a recent interview that the Peloton Rower was “on track” for release in 2022.

Unfortunately, he did not reveal how much the Peloton Rower would cost.

If the Peloton Rower (or Peloton Row) is already out for beta testing, this timeline makes sense. Peloton sent their new heart rate band out for testing last summer before the product was officially announced along with the Peloton Guide in November.

We also received further evidence this week that Peloton plans to launch rowing bootcamps in the future. You can read more about this latest development in our overview article.

The Peloton Field Testing Community program was first launched in 2020. The program is used to test new devices, features, and accessories and solicit feedback from existing members. If you’re interested in participating you can still sign up via Peloton – but note that all members are subject to a non-disclosure agreement and must agree to refrain from sharing any information about new products or features.

We will continue to share new information about the Peloton Rower as details emerge.

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