Another image showing off the new Peloton Rower (Peloton Row).

First look at pictures of Peloton Rower (Peloton Row) + Rower teases to start on September 6th?

Update – Peloton officially started teasing the rower on Sept 6.

For those who have been waiting (and waiting) for the Peloton Rower (which will be called the Peloton Row) to launch – the wait appears to almost be over. We have information on Peloton starting to tease the Rower again (with a full launch not being too far off), as well as some new images of the Peloton Rower.

As first reported by Bob Treemore, there is evidence that the Peloton Row will begin teasing the Peloton Rower on the website this upcoming week, on September 6th. Note that this might not be the full launch & on-sale of the rower – but rather Peloton starting to talk about the rower again. However, this might see Peloton get the Peloton Rower listed on the website with a page to gather email addresses of those interested in eventually buying it (much like how the Peloton Guide was first listed on the website).

Since May, we have been reporting that the Peloton Rower was supposed to launch and be available for purchase in the September/October timeframe, with deliveries starting to take place in October/November. We currently believe this is still the case. The one thing to keep in mind is that once it finally goes on sale (again, in either September or October) – it is likely to be a presale – where you can pre-order the rower, based on evidence again found by Bob Treemore.

Initial deliveries of the Peloton Row are likely to begin in November to get some devices in members home in time for the holidays (which would line up to Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy’s timeline of being “hopeful” the Peloton Row is out in time for the holidays.)

We are also now able to share some additional pictures of the Peloton Row. To date, the only sighting of the Peloton Rower has been in a brief video posted as part of Peloton Homecoming – which showcased Adrian Williams on the Peloton Row.

However, some new promo pictures of the Peloton Row have surfaced, revealing a few additional details about the rower. The existence of these images also indicates that Peloton is preparing a marketing push of the Peloton Rower.

Another image showing off the new Peloton Rower (Peloton Row).
Picture of the Peloton Row (Peloton Rower)

In the first picture of the Peloton Row, we can tell several things about the device. First, you can clearly see the strap underneath the seat – which will be useful for storing the rower upright.

One interesting detail seen is this picture is that there will be a water bottle holder (or cup holder) built into the frame of the rower. You can see a water bottle sitting in between the rower’s feet in the image – which must be in a cup holder. It appears there is another space there, which is likely designed to be a cell phone holder for storing your phone while you row.

The other piece of plastic sticking up in front of the water bottle holder is the mount point for where you store the handle when the rower is not in use.

On the video screen, you can see Adrian Williams teaching a class. We have also previously reported that Matt Wilpers is rumored to be teaching rowing classes, and there is speculation Olympic rower Alex Karwoski could be joining Peloton as well. There’s not too much other information that can be made out on the screen, but keep in mind we reported last summer that the Peloton Row is expected to have some form feedback capabilities.

Interestingly, it appears that in this class seen on the screen, the rowing class is being taught from the Peloton strength studio (which you can tell by the platform the Tread is sitting on under Adrian, which was recently updated).

Picture of the Peloton Row (Peloton Rower).
Another image showing off the new Peloton Rower (Peloton Row).

Speaking of the video screen, this appears to be the same exact tablet that is in use on both the Peloton Bike+ and Peloton Tread.

For those who are figuring out where they might place the rower – the power cord is coming from the front of the Peloton rower. You can see this clearly about in the second picture.

Underneath the video screen, on the neck of the rower connecting the screen and the main frame is what looks to be a small button. This is likely to enable the monitor to tilt down, in order to be able to store it more out of the way when it is stored upright when not in use.

Unfortunately, we do not yet know how much the Peloton Row will cost. While it’s possible that the pricing could be revealed on September 6th, this information might not be revealed for a few more weeks when the full launch of the Peloton Row takes place. Peloton’s CEO recently stated that the Peloton Row “is going to be expensive.”

One other item to keep in mind about the Peloton Row is it’s previously been reported the Peloton Row might ship with a DIY self-assembly option – which Peloton has now started officially offering on Bikes sold through Amazon. With the Peloton Row being a brand new product – it’s possible that self-assembly might be the default shipping option, and the typical full-service assembly might come with an up-charge on shipping.

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