CEO: The Peloton Rower “is going to be expensive”

Update – The Peloton Row is rumored to cost $3,195.

After years of rumors, the Peloton Rower (reported to be called the “Peloton Row”) was finally officially announced at Peloton Homecoming 2022 in May. Since the teaser video showcasing the rower & Adrian Williams was released, nothing else has been officially said about it. The information at Homecoming left a lot of key points unanswered – how much will the Peloton Rower cost, when can you buy it, and when will it be delivered?

Peloton has still not to provided answers for those questions so far. However, during Peloton’s Q4 2022 earnings call today, Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy gave the first hint about what members could expect for pricing. When discussing the rower, he simply said that the Peloton Rower “is going to be expensive”. He did qualify that statement with how it will be “a significantly better use experience than anything currently in the marketplace”

So what does the fact that it will be expensive mean? Given the current lineup consists of the Peloton Bike at $1,445, Bike+ at $2,495, and Tread at $3,495 – it seems reasonable based on his comments to expect pricing closer to the Bike+, rather than the original Bike.

Members still wanting to buy the Peloton Rower should be able to do so this year. McCarthy said in a recent interview he is “hopeful” the Peloton Rower will be available for the holiday season this year. Another Peloton executive recently said the company is “on track” for a 2022 release.

As mentioned above, McCarthy said how he believes the rower will be a signigifantly better use experience than anything else on the market today. What could that entail? We recently reported that like most other rowers, members will be able to store the rower standing up to save room.

One headline feature, which we first reported on last summer, is that the Peloton Rower will likely be able to provide form feedback to members to help them correct their rowing form. This could come in the shape of both real time cues while rowing, as well as reports & stats once the classes are over.

Another potential feature that would be unique to the market is the possibility the rower handle will have buttons & controls, allowing you to adjust volume, give high fives, and control the leaderboard during classes. It’s also been reported that in addition to the traditional classes in studio with the instructors, there is a rumor that there will be some scenic classes taught outdoors. There is also expected to be Peloton rowing bootcamp classes.

Peloton has yet to announce their roster of rowing instructors, however, an image on social media has indicated that Olympic Rower Alex Karwoski could be announced as a rowing coach for Peloton.

What price point would it take for you to buy the Peloton Row when it is announced?

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  • Filoton says:

    The rower IS EXPENSIVE.

  • Joe says:

    It’s ridiculous…come on Peloton

  • Mike says:

    Well, I badly wanted a Peloton rower to come out so that I could keep my equipment consistent. I figured I’d be able to access the content with my existing peloton monthly subscription too. I’ve held off purchasing a Hydrow or other rower for this reason but I’m definitely not paying $3,200 for a rowing machine. Now I’m considering selling the bike and joining a gym again which I thought I’d never say. This isn’t how you reward loyal customers.

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