Rumor: Matt Wilpers will teach Peloton Rowing Classes

A new rumor indicates that Peloton instructor Matt Wilpers will teach rowing classes following the launch of the Peloton rower (Peloton Row).

While we know that Adrian Williams, who is featured in the Peloton Rower announcement video as part of Homecoming, will teach rowing classes, no other coach has been announced or confirmed.

Earlier this month we speculated that Olympic rower Alex Karwoski could be a new Peloton rowing coach, based on a photo that was shared by instructors on social media. Additionally, Marcel Dinkins used to teach rowing classes prior to joining Peloton so could be a candidate for teaching rowing classes as well (but that doesn’t necessarily mean she will).

Matt Wilpers is known as one of the more technical Peloton coaches – so having Matt help members learn the proper rowing form seems like a natural fit for him. Of course, speaking of rowing form, we reported last summer that the Peloton Rower is likely to have some form feedback features built in.

Assuming Matt is confirmed to be one of the new rowing coaches, we’ll have to keep an eye on what this means for his running & cycling schedule. Peloton has been making some changes to all the instructors schedule’s recently.

As we inch closer to a potential release date, the Peloton Row details are emerging at a rapid pace. We’ve recently reported on a number of developments, including: the rower will have the ability to be stored in an upright position and the device could potentially have a self-assembly option (much like the DIY self assembly that has been confirmed to be coming to the Peloton Bike).

Peloton still has not officially announced a release date for the rower though. CEO Barry McCarthy shared in an interview with Bloomberg recently shared that he is “hopeful” the rower will be ready in time for the holiday season. The device was first announced at 2022 Homecoming.

Are there other current Peloton instructors you’d like to see added to the rowing roster?

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