Refurbished Peloton Bikes available on eBay in the United Kingdom

Peloton is expanding their relationship with eBay to offer refurbished bikes to customers in the United Kingdom. Peloton announced the news in a press release:

Today, Peloton announced that it has expanded its partnership with eBay. The Refurbished Peloton Bike is now available for purchase and delivery in mainland UK and Northern Ireland for shopping during the festive period or staying motivated throughout 2023. eBay connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world and has 23 million customers in the UK. A refurbished product is purchased on eBay every ten seconds in the UK.

Peloton press release regarding expansion with eBay into United Kingdom.
Peloton press release regarding expansion with eBay into United Kingdom.

Customers can buy a refurbished original Peloton Bike in mainland UK as well as Northern Ireland for £995, which includes delivery and set-up. This is £350 less than buying a new Bike from Peloton.

Peloton Bike on eBay in the United Kingdom.
Peloton Bike on eBay in the United Kingdom.

According to Peloton, “The pre-owned Bikes have been inspected, refurbished and tested by Peloton to meet quality standards.”

General Manager of Peloton International Manu Seigner explained the strategy behind the expansion with eBay into the UK:

“The expanded partnership with eBay enables us to quickly scale our refurbished offering and introduce Peloton to even more prospective members across the UK.
Building on the success we have had in Germany, we’re now expanding the partnership to bring choice and accessibility to UK consumers along with world class content and classes that suit a variety of workout goals, musical tastes and experience levels.”

Peloton first began selling refurbished bikes on eBay in Germany in August of 2022.

Peloton also recently launched on Amazon in the UK, with the original Bike, Guide, and accessories now available.

You can view the Peloton UK eBay page and the complete press release here.

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