Peloton Heart Rate Band Is Discontinued and No Longer Offered for Sale

The Peloton Heart Rate Band has been discontinued and no longer offered for sale by Peloton.

The heart rate band first launched in 2022.

For several weeks, it has no longer been available for sale on the central website or the Peloton Apparel site, where accessories such as yoga blocks and dumbbells are now available. In addition, the device is no longer included in any of the hardware device accessory packages that can include items like a workout mat, light weights, cycling shoes, water bottle, etc. – even though the heart rate bands have historically been offered in those packages.

Full image of the new Peloton Heart Rate Band.
Full image of the new Peloton Heart Rate Band. Image credit Peloton.

The product page for the Peloton heart rate band was here on Peloton’s site – and now says the page could not be found.

In addition, the Peloton heart rate band was previously available via Amazon, and were even included in 2023 Prime Day sales. However, the item no longer appears on Amazon either.

This does not appear to be a temporary removal, as the Peloton heart rate band has been absent from various platforms for some time. Instead – this appears to simply be that Peloton’s heart rate band has been discontinued by Peloton.

Bike accessory packages with no inclusion of heart rate bands.
Bike accessory packages with no inclusion of heart rate bands.

Peloton’s original heart rate band was a chest strap that was not known for being terribly accurate. In 2021 Peloton announced the new heart rate band along with the Guide, Peloton’s first-ever strength connected device. The new heart rate band became available for sale in early 2022.

One unique feature the new heart rate band had is that it had 5 LED lights – and would show a specific color based on which heart rate zone you were in.

The discontinuation of the heart rate band is not believed to be because a new version or iteration is coming out. Instead, this is Peloton choosing to focus their product offerings.

Note that while it is also not being offered as part of packages, the original Peloton heart rate strap (worn on your chest) is still available to buy standalone on Peloton’s site. It’s not clear at this time whether it will continue to be offered for sale, or will be removed as soon as any remaining inventory is sold off. Peloton has been giving away the chest strap as giveaways at recent community events like Peloton on Tour.

However, the Peloton chest strap isn’t known for being the most accurate product, and a third party chest strap would be the best option for most people. Any third party heart rate monitor should still be able to integrate (either Ant+ or Bluetooth, depending on what Peloton app / hardware you are using), and Peloton offers an Apple Watch integration as well.

Updated Note – Just because the heart rate band is being discontinued, doesn’t mean it will stop working. It uses the Bluetooth standard, so unless Peloton were to remove support for all heart rate products, the Peloton heart rate band should continue to work indefinitely.

Are you sad to see Peloton’s heart rate band no longer available for purchase?

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Katie Weicher
Katie Weicher is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Peloton Bike in 2016 and has been riding, strength training, and yoga flowing ever since. You can find her on the leaderboard at #kweich.


  • Greg says:

    I had and still have the Peloton chest strap. In my experience, it is very consistent with my Polar chest strap and my Apple Watch Ultra.

  • StevieSpinUpsss says:

    I love my wrist heart monitor band. I do look at the colors it’s quite accurate.
    They’re probably not making enough money from it, so they discontinued.

  • Nancy says:

    I recently started using the arm band because I got tired of my Apple Watch’s crappy connection to my bike and for notifications that would go off.
    Arm band automatically connects and seems accurate enough!

  • SB says:

    Yes I’m sad! I don’t use Apple and could never get any Ant+ device to work. I had two of the chest straps and they were sooooo bad and inaccurate. I love the arm band and it works great, only complaint is that the battery drains quickly. I hope this one works for many years because apparently Peloton isn’t offering an alternative anymore. Bummer.

  • Claire says:

    I love my arm band. I’m just sad that if it stops working I’ll have to figure out what else to get.

  • Jeanette says:

    I love my arm band. Easy to connect to Peloton bike, guide and hopefully my new tread. I bought another one at Marshall’s for $20 as a back up. Couldn’t resist the price.

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