Peloton Australia to launch July 14th & confirmation there is not a production studio in Australia

Back in March, Peloton formally announced that they would be launching in Australia, after months of rumors. Details were sparse, with the company just saying “the second half of 2021”, with more details to come. For the debut, Peloton has said they plan to launch with the Bike & Bike+. No mentions have been made about Tread in Australia (particularly with the global Tread recall), however, floor plans for the showrooms in both Sydney showrooms clearly show Treadmills and Treadmill test rooms.

Now, it appears we have a specific date for when Peloton Australia will launch – July 14th. The Peloton Australia homepage, which used to say “Coming in 2021”, now says “Coming 14 July.”

Peloton has previously shared that the Bike will cost $2,895 AUD, and the Bike+ will cost $3,695 AUD. The required All-Access Membership will be $59 AUD.

The Peloton Digital membership in Australia will cost cost $16.99 AUD, according to a support page spotted by Bob Treemore.

There had also been some question & speculation around whether Peloton would have a production studio in Australia. Peloton has now officially confirmed there are not currently plans for that. A new support page specifically says any Australian instructors will be based out of NYC.

We do not have an Australian studio. Classes taught by our Australian instructors are currently filmed from Peloton Studios New York (PSNY).

This is not the first mention Peloton has made of “Australian instructors” (notice the plural). On the most recent earnings call in May, Peloton hinted at more Australian instructors, saying that “Australian Members will have access to our full library of content, including new classes taught by Australian instructors.”

Peloton already announced the first Australian Peloton instructor – Kirra Michel. She was announced in April along with 2 other new Yoga instructors.

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