Janet Jackson Peloton Classes & Artist Series Upcoming in September 2023

Peloton added new classes to the studio booking site on August 31, indicating that members can look forward to a featured artist series with Janet Jackson at the end September!

Update – You can find the full list of Janet Jackson Peloton classes in the artist series here.

Note that this may not be the only artist series of the month, as Peloton has recently revealed numerous artist series – such as Madonna, Samara Joy, Barbie, and Max Martin – closer to their actual launch date.

You can find the list of classes for the Janet Jackson artist series below. Note that these are only the classes that will be live and open to in-person participants through the studio booking site – there will very likely be other classes that will be released straight to the on-demand library, or that may be live but without an in-person audience.

Janet Jackson Peloton Classes & Schedule & Workouts – Featured Artist Series

  • 30 min. Janet Jackson Run – Becs Gentry – 9/28/23 @ 7:00pm ET
  • 30 min. Janet Jackson Ride – Emma Lovewell – 9/28/23 @ 7:00pm ET
Janet Jackson Peloton classes added to studio booking site on August 31, 2023.
Janet Jackson Peloton classes added to studio booking site on August 31, 2023.

As a reminder, the 2023 All for One (AFO) Music Festival will also be taking place from September 7-9. The list of live classes became available on August 29, and we have an article dedicated to the complete class list. There will also be a flash challenge, so be sure to opt in if you’re hoping for new badge opportunities!

We will be sure to share additional details about the Janet Jackson featured artist series as Peloton makes the official announcement with all of the classes. Will you be opting in?

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