Peloton Confirms Plans to Launch in New International Markets in 2024 (likely in Europe)

Peloton has once again confirmed their intention to expand to new international markets in 2024. At the recent Goldman Sachs Communacopia & Technology Conference in San Francisco, Peloton Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Liz Coddington provided insight into where and when Peloton is looking to grow.

In case you missed it, earlier this year Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy shared that the company was thinking about trying new international markets in the next fiscal year (which is July 2023 – June 2024) – specifically countries in western Europe.

At this week’s conference, Coddington seemingly reconfirmed the target of western Europe and provided further specification about timeline, specifically mentioning the second half of FY24, which would be January through June of 2024. She stated:

Now in terms of new markets, we do expect to enter some new markets in the second half of fiscal ‘24. Those are adjacent markets in Europe, smaller markets. We don’t expect them to be a very large contributor to our subscriber growth or our revenue in fiscal ‘24. But we see them as good opportunities and we’re excited about pursuing them. But our main focus was really about growing our existing international markets.

Coddington’s word choice of “adjacent markets” appears to suggest that Peloton is exploring countries near where they already operate, such as the United Kingdom and Germany. We’ve previously speculated that Ireland, France, and Spain could be possible candidates.

Coddington also provided context about what Peloton considers when exploring new markets:

Well, number one is we look at the size of the fitness market in that particular country. We also look at the demographics. We look at the technology infrastructure. We look at the ability to partner for logistics, third party retail. And then of course also very importantly, we look at the dynamics of a particular market and our content offerings and whether we need to invest in market specific content, for example, specific languages as well.”

Peloton has not debuted in a new country since launching in Australia in July of 2021.

We will continue to share information about potential new international markets as details emerge. Where would you like to see Peloton grow next?

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