Peloton may launch in more Western European countries in the next year (more international expansion)

Over the past year, Peloton has been hyper focused on reducing expenses, and becoming cash flow positive again. Now that the company is closer to reaching that goal, they have begun to think about the potential of expansion again.

While speaking at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference, Peloton’s CEO Barry McCarthy talked about how international would be an area of growth for Peloton in the future.

He first reiterated that recently, Peloton had been focused on making their current international markets more efficient, saying:

International is an area of growth. We will be talking more about that in quarters to come. It’s — we are launched in the U.K., Germany, Australia, Canada. This past fiscal year, we have mostly focused our efforts on reducing the operating loss in those markets rather than leaning to growth.

He then went on to say that now that Peloton has gotten more efficient, they could again start thinking about growth.

He specifically mentioned they were considering entering a few new markets & countries in Western Europe, saying:

We have made a tremendous amount of progress doing that, and in the upcoming fiscal year, we will be leaning back into growth mostly in existing markets and a few new markets in Western Europe enabled in part by the relaunch of the digital app.

Note that he mentions this is being considered for the next fiscal year, which means it could take place from July 2023 through June 2024.

As he made reference to, the Peloton App just relaunched this week, with a new brand identity, new pricing tiers, rowing content, and more.

However, his comment implies that Peloton might now be considering trying a new approach: launching a new country by just making the app available first. This is something Peloton has yet to try before, as previously, their focus has been on selling hardware with the app being a companion.

Now that Peloton is focusing more on the app and is happy to have people using the app who don’t own Peloton hardware, we might see Peloton “launch” in a country by just making the app available for download in a new country, but not having the hardware sale for there.

Presumably, Peloton could then see which countries the app is doing the best in, and use that data to help guide if they should also start hardware sales in that country.

McCarthy did not mention any specific countries besides just “Western Europe”. However, one would guess they might be considering France, Spain, and Ireland as potential options for launching.

Spain seems like a logical choice as Peloton started adding Spanish language classes a little over two years ago. They have also updated the Peloton app with a Spanish language display option.

Peloton already operates in Northern Ireland, since it is part of the UK. Given the proximity, a potential expansion into the Republic of Ireland might make sense as well.

France might seem like the least likely, however, there have been rumors in the past Peloton was considering operations in France. One Peloton executive even said Peloton would be adding French language classes, although that has yet to happen. There have also been job postings looking to hire French & Spanish speaking employees for an International Expansion Team.

Australia was the most recent new country for Australia, with the official launch taking place in July of 2021.

What country would you like to see Peloton expand to next?

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