Breathe In, Speak Up

Chelsea Jackson Roberts & Tunde Oyeneyin Breathe In, Speak Up Peloton Series - Schedule & Class List

The Breathe In, Speak Up classes on Peloton are led by Tunde Oyeneyin and Chelsea Jackson Roberts. The overall theme of these classes is 'Tunde and Chelsea share their experiences and amplify the perspectives of the Black community. These classes are about having important conversations and experiencing a different viewpoint.'

In general, each of these Breathe In, Speak Up series consists of a ride by Tunde, a yoga by Chelsea, and a meditation by Chelsea. They are intended to be taken in that order, paired with the same classes from that same day.

Since the first Breathe In, Speak Out took place in June 2020, there have been around 2-3 a year. There is usually a Breathe In, Speak Up class set for MLK Jr Day each year, and then at various other times the instructors feel they are needed.

Class schedule, list of workouts, and list of classes in the Breathe In, Speak Up Peloton series, led by Chelsea Jackson Roberts & Tunde Oyeneyin

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