Reset with Denis Morton

Denis Morton Reset Peloton Series - Schedule & Class List

(Reset Rides & Reset Yoga Flows with Denis Morton)

Denis Morton's Reset Ride & Yoga series is Peloton's first series designed to take you from the bike directly to a Yoga class. Start with a Reset Ride, and follow it up immediately with the corresponding Reset Yoga class to continue the session.

The series started at the beginning of 2020, and has taken place several times a year since then. These are generally lower intensity rides, followed by lower intensity yoga flows afterwards. They are designed to be taken immediately back to back

Denis Morton is currently the only instructor who teaches both Yoga & cycling, so it's not currently expected for any other instructors to take part in this series

As new Denis Morton Reset Rides & Denis Morton Reset Yoga classes are added, we'll update this list.

Class schedule, list of workouts, and list of classes in the Reset Peloton series, led by Denis Morton

Note - you can find a full list of all signature series and other special Peloton class series here - as well as the list of classes for each series.

Special thanks to @ordinaryallie for wrangling class data.