AT’s Ride to Greatness with Alex Toussaint

Alex Toussaint AT's Ride to Greatness Peloton Series - Schedule & Class List

Class schedule, list of workouts, and list of classes in the AT's Ride to Greatness Peloton series, led by Alex Toussaint

Update Ride to Greatness is back for a second Season in 2022. We'll update this list with classes as they are announced & become available on-demand, but you can view details, format, and the upcoming schedule for Season 2 of Ride to Greatness here.

The Ride to Greatness is Peloton's on-bike competition led by Alex Toussaint. Members picked between two teams - Team Activate & Team Validate, and took place in a weekly competition. There were two weeks of practice rounds, followed by a game race. The first team to reach 3 wins was declared the winner.

Note - you can find a full list of all signature series and other special Peloton class series here - as well as the list of classes for each series.

Special thanks to @ordinaryallie for wrangling class data.