Peloton’s Cultivate Courage Yoga with Anna Greenberg

Anna Greenberg Cultivate Courage Yoga Peloton Series - Schedule & Class List

Anna Greenberg's Cultivate Courage classes on Peloton is designed to help you 'cultivate the courage to try something new and conquer your fears on the mat'

In the first season of Cultivate Courage on Peloton, which took place in 2020, it was a workshop style class, and over the 5 classes, you worked on mastering crow pose. In the second season in 2021, each class had a different focus move you were trying to master & perfect. The focuses for the second season of Cultivate Courage on Peloton were Side Crow Pose, ka pada koundinyasana 1, eka pada koundinyasana 2, Firefly pose, and visvamitrasana.

It is not yet known when exactly in 2022 Anna Greenberg will bring back Season 3 of Cultivate Courage

As new classes are added, we will update this list.

Class schedule, list of workouts, and list of classes in the Cultivate Courage Yoga Peloton series, led by Anna Greenberg

Season 2 of Cultivate Courage with Anna Greenberg on Peloton
Season 1 of Cultivate Courage with Anna Greenberg on Peloton

Note - you can find a full list of all signature series and other special Peloton class series here - as well as the list of classes for each series.

Special thanks to @ordinaryallie for wrangling class data.

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