List of Peloton Halloween Classes

In what is becoming an annual tradition, it’s time for Peloton to have some Halloween themed workouts! Last year Peloton had Halloween rides, Halloween runs, Halloween yoga, and even some bootcamps and strength! Where else can you see Emma Lovewell ride as Princess Leah from Star Wars, Matt Wilpers do an entire class in the style of Cody Rigsby, Olivia Amato run as Wonder Woman, and many other fun costumes!
Peloton is in the process of rolling out their Peloton Halloween classes for 2020 – we’ll continue to update the list below as more are officially confirmed. In the meantime, if you need a fun workout, check out some of the on-demand ones from 2019 and before!

List of Peloton Halloween Classes (Ride, Run, Yoga, Bootcamp, Strength) Workouts

Also, if you want to see some pranks, be sure to watch Jess Sims’ and Matty Maggiacomo’s Instagram stories over the next few weeks, as Matty attempts to pull various Halloween pranks on Jess.

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