Tampa showroom sells Peloton Guide for $45 [Dead]

Note – This deal is now dead and no longer being offered through the showroom. It has not yet been confirmed whether existing orders will be honored or not. However, the New Year’s Sale is still going on – where you can get a Guide, workout mat, and 3 sets of weights for $295.

A Peloton showroom in Tampa, Florida was briefly selling the Peloton Guide strength device to people for only $45 (it normally retails for $295). This was not a nationwide offer and other showrooms were not honoring the deal, so it appears this was a price mistake only being applied at the one location.

Some people who visited the Tampa showroom in person over the last 24 hours discovered that the Peloton Guide was being offered to them at a deep discount – only $45. The staff at this showroom were also able to offer this price to anyone who called that specific showroom – and have it shipped to them.

The phone lines were quite busy with people trying to call the Tampa showroom to get this deal. Several people tried reaching out to other showrooms (either in person or via phone) – and everyone was told the same thing: this was not a deal they could offer.

What most likely happened is that there was a mix-up with the New Year’s sale currently available. With this sale, both the Peloton Guide Starter Strength package and the Peloton Guide Power package are available with a discount of $250 off their normal price. However, the device-only purchase option is not included in the New Year’s sale.

It appears that those being offered this deal today were being given a discount of $250 off the device-only purchase option. With the MSRP of $295, the $250 off brings it down to the $45 price that was being offered.

It’s not clear why the Tampa showroom was able to apply the $250 off, which is normally for packages, to the guide-only purchase.

There is no word yet on whether Peloton will honor the mistake price for those who purchased it. When a similar price mistake happened on Mother’s Day for the Peloton Guide – those purchases were honored. Of course, during the Mother’s Day price mistake the Guide was sold at $145 rather than $45, so it’s not clear whether Peloton will be able to honor the much deeper discount.

As a reminder, if you already own another piece of Peloton hardware, the Peloton Guide can be used with the same $44 monthly subscription fee you already have. However, if you are upgrading from the Peloton app (or are brand new to the Peloton family), you’ll pay $24/month (which will not be increasing at the end of the year thanks to a recent change).

Would you have picked up a Peloton Guide for only $45?

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  • Mari says:

    I would have picked it up at $45, no-brainer. The guide is maybe worth up to $100 to me, given its limitations (can’t correct my form). Also, it’s only worth it that much because I already have a bike and pay the monthly premium, otherwise it would absolutely not be worth it to me.

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