Peloton’s Summer Break Classes through Germany Are Back for 2023 (With an Updated Badge)

Peloton’s “Summer Break” German class series has returned for 2023. First launched last year, the Summer Break classes explore popular summer destinations throughout Germany and Europe. Note that last year’s series was limited to rides, but has expanded to numerous other modalities this year.

Peloton's 2023 Summer Break classes.
Peloton’s 2023 Summer Break classes.

Peloton teased the news via several instructors’ social media accounts, such as Tobias Heinze. The post included the German instructor team sharing what they pack in their suitcases when heading off on a trip.

Note that there is a badge opportunity for taking any of the Summer Break classes, as there was last year as well. However, Peloton quietly updated last year’s badge with a new design. If you took any of last year’s Summer Break content and earned the old badge, your profile will be updated with the current iteration. As always, you can find a full list of Peloton badges and how to earn them on our site here.

Updated Summer Break badge.
Updated Summer Break badge.

You can find the complete list of 2023 Summer Break classes – some of which are already available, and some of which are upcoming – below. If you’re curious about what locations & cities the Summer Break Peloton Classes will be visiting, you can find each class, and the location for it below. Note that the classes take place in the studio as normal, the instructor will just be describing these cities and vacation spots throughout the ride.

All classes are German language.

List of 2023 Peloton Summer Break Classes through Germany

Peloton's 2023 Summer Break classes.
Peloton’s 2023 Summer Break classes.

You can read about last year’s Summer Break class series via our overview article. Will you be taking any of the new classes?

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