The Peloton Rower “is on track for release in 2022” (Update from Peloton)

Over the last several weeks, there has been some concern among Peloton members around the status of the Peloton Rower.

It was officially announced at Peloton Homecoming in May as “coming soon” – but has not been mentioned again in over two months.

Some posts Peloton had made about the rower were then removed from social media (though a few posts remained), which had led some outlets to speculate that it might have been cancelled.

However, Peloton’s Chief Supply Officer Andrew Rendich gave an update on the rower today in an interview with Bloomberg News. Speaking about Peloton’s plans to only use third party manufacturing – he specifically mentioned the rower would be built by a new partner.

It’s also adding Pegatron Corp., which like Quanta is a major Apple Inc. supply chain partner, to build its upcoming rowing machine. Rendich said that new product is on track for release in 2022.

Peloton has yet to give more specific guidance on the release date – though this is the first time they’ve mentioned a 2022 release.

We reported back in May that our data indicated the Peloton rower would likely be made available for sale in the September/October timeframe, and begin shipping to members in the October/November timeframe.

So why did Peloton remove mentions from their social media of the Peloton rower if the product is still on track to be released this year? Peloton hasn’t said – though it could be something as simple as issues with the music rights of the song they used in the teaser video – which is what they had shared on social media.

With this confirmation today that the Peloton rowing machine is alive and well – and still set to be released this year – we should be hearing, and seeing, more about the rower in the coming weeks and months.

Each month it seems there is more and more competition for Peloton’s rower. Earlier this month, Hydrow announced a new lower priced machine that Peloton will have to compete with.

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