PSNY Classes: First-Timers Entering Studio Before Milestones (New Process Being Tested)

Peloton has been testing a new process for what order members enter the studio for in-person classes at Peloton Studios New York (PSNY). This test took place for some Bike & Tread classes over the past weekend, and presumably will continue over future weekends as well.

Historically at the new PSNY location, Peloton has admitted members into the various studios in the following order:

  1. VIP (such as an instructor’s spouse or family member)
  2. Members celebrating milestones
  3. Studio first-timers
  4. Everyone else

However, we’ve received reports that over this past weekend the entry order has changed – and now first time visitors to the studio are being let in before those celebrating milestones in some classes as a test.

If you haven’t visited PSNY before, when you check in at the front desk, you are given a specific color wristband to designate which class you are in. In addition, for cycling & tread classes, you are given a color coded card (they used to be numbered, instead of by color). Which color you receive is based on whether you tell the front desk if you are celebrating a milestone, if it is your first time visiting, or you are a repeat visitor. Peloton then lets people into the studio by color cards (Note that which color corresponds to which group is sometimes changed, to keep people on their toes).

Entry cards for PSNY cycling studio.
Entry cards for PSNY cycling studio.

The entry order observed at PSNY beginning around July 20 for some classes has been:

  1. VIP (such as an instructor’s spouse or family member)
  2. Studio first-timers
  3. Members celebrating milestones
  4. Everyone else

This means that first-timers – in other words, those who are Peloton members but have never been to a class at PSNY – have been given priority entry over those celebrating milestones. It is worth noting that so far this process only appears to be in place in New York, but it could be extended to Peloton Studios London (PSL) as well.

We reached out to Peloton to inquire whether this was a permanent change. Peloton shared that the new entry order is something they’re trying out, and they will solicit member feedback in order to determine whether it will become permanent.

Peloton explained that this decision was made based on feedback from members, as those visiting the studios for the first time may need more time and assistance to ensure they’re set up properly for class. Although the experience is somewhat similar to working out with Peloton at home, it is still a different environment that can be overwhelming.

For example, if you don’t share your Bike with a family member you may not be used to adjusting the seat frequently, and may need to take a moment to figure out at which height your studio Bike should be set at. Or you may have forgotten your password and need help logging into your account; or you may have questions about the proper protocol during the live class.

Peloton is making this change with the goal that studio first-timers are given enough time and attention to feel ready and ensure they have the best experience possible.

Milestone card & stickers to enter Peloton Studios New York.
Milestone card & stickers to enter Peloton Studios New York.

This adjustment could have an additional side effect in that it would almost guarantee different faces on camera during class.

As a reminder, unlike the previous Peloton Studio on 23rd Street, members cannot reserve specific Bikes, Treads, or spots on the yoga and strength mats at PSNY. When you book a class, your exact spot in the studio is not determined until you enter, which is inevitably affected by the order in which members are admitted. Oftentimes – though not always – members who are admitted first will pick the Bikes/Treads or mats closest to the instructor, which are the most likely to be on camera. Aside from any VIPs (which may not always be present in every class), members celebrating milestones had been the first to gain entry.

Since Peloton Studios reopened nearly a year ago, some members have pointed out on social media that they often see the same faces in various classes – not only within the same weekend, but sometimes even more frequently, such as on a monthly or even weekly basis. Depending on their workout regimens, some members celebrate milestones quite frequently and can often end up in the milestone group that has historically been given first access to the studio.

The Peloton studio booking process is still extremely competitive, with classes in both New York and London typically fully booked within minutes (or seconds) of going live and the queue filling up more than 30 minutes before classes go live. There are undoubtedly members within the Peloton community who want to visit the studio, but have been unable to secure a spot in a class. This has inevitably led to some frustration and confusion when familiar faces are spotted frequently in class. While the new studio entry order won’t prevent those members – who most likely live in the New York City area – from being in-studio, it will lessen the chances that they will appear on camera.

This is the second change this summer to be implemented at PSNY. Earlier this month we shared that Peloton is now checking IDs as a part of the check-in process, and is using cell phones instead of buzzers for the waitlist.

As a reminder, we have both high-level tips & tricks and a comprehensive guide for booking and taking in-person classes at Peloton Studios.

Have you had a chance to visit PSNY or PSL yet? Regardless, what do you think of Peloton’s new entry order? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Katie Weicher
Katie Weicher is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Peloton Bike in 2016 and has been riding, strength training, and yoga flowing ever since. You can find her on the leaderboard at #kweich.


  • Mary Beth says:

    I’ve tried to get a reservation so many times, but it’s always booked. I really wanted to celebrate my 600th and 700th ride at the studios. I’m hoping maybe for 800 but not super optimistic. Even when you log in right after release of reservations, it seems to be booked.

  • Kat says:

    In London you just walk in. Why would they tier it?

  • MC says:

    I was on the waitlist for a class at PSL. I arrived before they opened and checked in and received a green “waitlist” wristband. I dropped things off in the locker and walked around. They started calling the group into the lobby directly outside the studio but I waited in the main lobby. I was told that I would know at 9:00 (class was 9:30). At 9:02, I was called up to the front desk and told that I made it in and my green wristband was swapped for the class color (yellow I think). I went over to the other waiting area and gave my name. A couple minutes later they were just starting to let people into the studio when the front desk attendant came over to me and basically said, “oops… never mind… there isn’t space in this class”. I handed back the wristband, got my stuff from my locker, and left 🙁 It honestly would have been better if at 9:00 he had just said, “sorry, everyone checked in” – still sad, but understandable. But being told I was in, and then having it taken away just felt worse. They did at least give me a full refund for the credit since I wouldn’t have been able to attend any other classes during my short visit in London.

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