Rumor: Peloton Studios to have soft opening starting in June (limited days) prior to full official opening

One of the most common questions Peloton members are asking these days is – “When will the Peloton studios reopen to the public?” Peloton has been mostly quiet on the topic, other than saying “Summer 2022” – messaging that has been on their website for a few months now. During the Peloton Homecoming 2022 Keynote, Peloton again referenced a Summer reopening for the studio and told members to be on the lookout for “more information in the coming weeks”.

More recently, Jess Sims made a post which teased the Peloton Studios opening to the public in August.

However, over the past several days, there are rumors (including on the Connected Fitness Forum podcast) saying that there might be an opportunity for Peloton members to take a class in the new Peloton Studios (both NYC & London) prior to August – possibly as early as June.

Update – Peloton will be hosting members of the press and other guests who will be taking live classes in the studio on June 10th.

These reports say that Peloton is looking into having a ‘soft opening’ of the studios, and that this could take place by the middle of June 2022. This soft reopening of the Peloton Studios would only see the studios open on specific days of the week. This could be only on Fridays, or could be Friday-Sundays to get started.

Having a soft opening would be beneficial in many ways for Peloton. There are a number of instructors who have been hired since March 2020 – and have never had the opportunity to teach with a studio audience before. The soft opening would give coaches a chance to try a few classes with studio members out as an adjustment period before fully reopening to whatever the new normal is.

Additionally, both the New York PSNY and the London PSL studios are brand new – Peloton moved into the PSNY studio in March 2020, and into the PSL studio in September 2021. Members have never taken classes in either studio, as both studios have been closed to the public since March of 2020. A soft opening would allow staff & employees time to figure out the best processes for members in the new spaces, and tweak and adjust things based on feedback prior to a full opening.

One other question related to the studios is whether there still will be an opportunity for members to be able to take pictures with the Peloton instructors after classes in the new studio spaces – as was tradition in the old studios. From what we hear that is the goal, but it’s subject to changes and tweaks after seeing how it works in the new spaces once things reopen.

When the new PSNY studio was about to open in March 2020, it was revealed there were less bikes in the studio than there had been in the original studio. So members can also expect a potential new layout/setup of the bikes in the studio.

Peloton has been having quite a few days of ‘maintenance’ in the studios, so this could lend credence to a soft opening earlier than August. The PSNY Bike Studio just had 2 days worth of maintenance done. Additionally, the PSNY Tread studio had all the studio treadmills (besides the one the instructor teaches on) swapped from the Tread+ to the Tread.

It’s not clear right now how many weeks/months this soft opening could last, but that could then lead to a “full” studio reopening in August, which could be what Jess Sims was alluding to.

Peloton has yet to reveal what pricing might look like when the Peloton Studios reopen. Prior to the closure, most classes had a cost to them, although some mid-day classes were free. With the exponential growth of the Peloton member base since then, it wouldn’t be surprising to see every single class have a cost now. The cost might also be increased due to expected increased demand. In the New York Studios, it previously was $32 for a single cycling or running class, or $18 for a single yoga class. You could also purchase 5 packs of cycling or running classes for $150, or 10 packs for $290.

There also used to be a monthly membership, where for $400/month you were able to take unlimited rides in the studio. However, as mentioned above, with the much larger Peloton membership base, it would be surprising to us if this option returned – but we haven’t heard either way on this yet.

One thing that has been coaches have alluded to on social media over the past few months is that even when the studio is fully re-opened there might be a higher percentage of classes recorded without a studio audience than there were before – both live as well as coach-to-camera (ones that show up straight to the on-demand library) than there were prior to 2020. While some members are super excited for the chance to go to the studio, other people aren’t looking forward to taking classes where other members can be seen on camera. Having a mix of both member audience classes and empty audiences might be a way to make everyone happy. It’s worth keeping in mind that the majority of Peloton members have joined the platform since the studio was closed to the public, so are used to seeing it with only the coach.

Some of these rumors about a potential soft opening were first mentioned on John Mills’ Connected Fitness Forum podcast.

Do you plan to try taking a class in the studios at some point? Are you excited about the reopening?

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  • Linda W. says:

    I am going to be in London in August and would love to celebrate my milestone in the studio! Is there any info yet on how one will reserve a class? #Wharfy_SD

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