Partial Peloton Outage on Nov 2, 2022

Update – Peloton marked the outage as resolved at 6:20pm ET.

Many members are experiencing a Peloton outage that started around 5:30pm ET on Nov 2nd, 2022.

This corresponded with the start of Jess Sims’ Kendrick Lamar Bike bootcamp – as many people began reporting issues trying to log into class.

Issues included the class list not loading, not being able to log in, or being kicked out of the Peloton class.

Update – Peloton posted an official outage at 6:08pm ET. You can see the outage here.

At 6:14pm they posted the following update, recommending people try logging in again to take classes:

We have identified the issue impacting login, live, and on demand classes. We recommend trying to restart your workout. We apologize for any impact to your workout.

Some members reached out to chat before the outage was posted and were told the following:

It seems that we are having an outage at the moment, so we recommend rebooting your Bike while we work on this issue.

The servers were not down for everyone, as the live leaderboard showed nearly 1,800 people on during the bike bootcamp live.

Number of users on the Bike Bootcamp live towards the end of class.
Number of users on the Bike Bootcamp live towards the end of class.

This is the second outage in as many weeks. Peloton also had an outage on October 21, 2022, which took place as Babyface was at the studio for classes.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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