LOL Cody Rigsby Season 1 to Close with Bowen Yang & a Wrap Party at Peloton Studio New York

Peloton will host an in-person wrap party for the LOL Cody series on Friday, December 2. The invite was reportedly extended to members who are scheduled to take in-person classes at Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) earlier that day, or who previously took a LOL Cody class.

Email invitation sent to members for LOL Cody wrap party.
Email invitation sent to members for LOL Cody wrap party.

The party will include a viewing of the final episode of LOL Cody (which premieres on Thursday night), light snacks, a champagne toast, and an appearance from instructor Cody Rigsby. Due to the limited capacity, invited members have been instructed to RSVP to secure their spot at the event.

In addition, Peloton has also announced that the final special guest for this season of LOL Cody will be actor and Saturday Night Live star, Bowen Yang. Peloton shared the news via their Instagram stories.

Peloton Instagram story announcing Bowen Yang as final guest.
Peloton Instagram story announcing Bowen Yang as final guest.

Bowen also posted a video clip on Instagram promoting the guest appearance and showing him unboxing a gift bag from Cody.

Bowen Yang Instagram post.
Bowen Yang Instagram post.

Bowen’s co-host on the Las Culturistas podcasts, Matt Rogers, is also reportedly also going to be also in the studio riding during the class.

LOL Cody was first announced at the end of October and has had three episodes so far with special guests Trixie Mattel, Carly Rae Jepsen, and JC Chasez. You can view all available LOL Cody classes via the dedicated Peloton collection.

You can catch the final episode of the first season of LOL Cody on Thursday, December 1 at 7:3 pm ET. Have you enjoyed this new series?

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