Robin Arzón Confirms Peloton Will Still Offer Instructor-Only Classes once Studio Reopens

One of the hottest topics in the Peloton world right now is when exactly the studios will reopen to the public, and what exactly that reopening will look like. Having been closed since March of 2020, Peloton has not shared much information other than saying “Summer 2022,” which has been their messaging since February of this year.

However, additional information has been trickling in from various instructors. Jess Sims shared a post on Instagram teasing an August reopening, and reiterated that timeline in a live class. There have also been more recent rumors about a soft opening in June. Peloton has also confirmed that there will be some members of the press in the studio taking live classes on June 10th.

Most recently, instructor Robin Arzón shared in a live class that once the studios are open, there will be a mix of both classes with people in the studio, and without. You can view the clip from the class via YouTube, and the transcript is below:

“Someday – I’m not saying when – there are going to be people in here. Not for all our classes, because I know some of y’all like the one-on-one. But for some of them.”

What Robin is alluding to has been a hotly-debated topic throughout the pandemic. Prior to March 2020, almost every Peloton class in the 23rd Street Studio (Peloton’s original cycling studio before they opened PSNY) had in-studio participants. This applied to cycling, running/walking, strength, HIIT cardio, Tread bootcamp (Bike Bootcamp didn’t yet exist), and yoga content. Even meditations sometimes had an audience. The only classes that didn’t have live, in-person participation were stretches (especially post-ride stretches or post-run stretches), and outdoor content (as those are pre-recorded in a booth).

So if you were a Peloton member working out from home, you could see other people in the studio doing the workout alongside the instructor. While some enjoyed this – being able to physically see the community and witness other members work hard and give it their all – others found it distracting, especially if there was someone in the front row who was wearing a loud outfit or moving around a lot.

It has been more than two years since members have taken new content with a live audience. In fact, anyone who became a member during the pandemic (which is the majority of current Peloton members) will have never taken a class with a live audience, unless they dug back into the on demand library from early 2020 or from 2019.

As talk of the Peloton Studios reopening has evolved, many members have expressed their hope that Peloton still offer classes with only the instructor and no in-person participation. Robin appears to confirm that Peloton has heard that feedback, and will offer a mix of both coach-to-camera and live participation.

Where do you stand on having in-person members in your Peloton classes? Does it motivate you, or does it distract you?

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Katie Weicher
Katie Weicher is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Peloton Bike in 2016 and has been riding, strength training, and yoga flowing ever since. You can find her on the leaderboard at #kweich.


  • Danielle359 says:

    I’m a Peloton addict, but I started during the pandemic so I only know one-on-one instruction, unless I go back to older classes on demand. I do not find the students distracting, but the lighting for classes with students is terrible – it’s much darker than the current classes (presumably to focus on the instructor?). I actually find the darker lighting distracting more than the students. I also find the instructors are more motivating when it’s one-on-one. I’m glad they will be doing a mix.

  • Michael Joseph says:

    Peloton is done. The novelty is gone.

  • Bev says:

    I too joined at the beginning of the pandemic. I have completed over 2,050 classes. There are pro and cons
    associated with both types. I agree with Danielle’s comment above on the lighting. However, there are many positive aspects. One, is that often the instructor “plays” to and off the class which seems to evoke a good deal of enthusiasm. For example, I just took Kendall’s interval and arms ride from 1/28/20 and she was phenomenal with participants present. Over the course of more than 2050 rides, I have tried to experience each instructor and like all of us, each one has their own personality and has something special to give to their class. I think your instructors are doing great without people present…. Amazing in fact! If you are in the mood for somebody low key or just need to chill, on any given day that’s the ride you choose. I like knowing that there are 500 or 5,000 people taking the classes because basically you’re never alone anyway ! Haha If you need that extra push you can always take a class with Emma, Alex,Tunde, Robin, and many others. The greatest aspect of the instructors at Peloton is there is someone for everyone. That is the main reason why I did not go back to my gym for spinning classes. No one can compete with the wide range and diversity of music and personalities that Peloton has to offer. You can never be bored! My only itty bitty pet peeve is when you are taking a live class and the instructor calls out one screen name after another, which at times can throw your concentration off . I realize that’s part of the whole “show”.
    That’s all for now I have to get to class!!!

  • AG says:

    Love peloton and started during pandemic. I’ll certainly try some classes with actual members in there. Don’t know that I care either way. As long as I have my instructors im happy.

  • Tara says:

    I predict full re-opening of live classes coinciding with AFO – their All for One event. And that seems to be changed from 4th of July to Augut timing. Maybe a soft open or testing of select classes between now and then.

  • Dez says:

    I love Peloton, I love the one-on-one from the instructor and I also started during the pandemic so I’m partial to that type of class. I don’t believe Peloton is a novelty at all. There are people, like me, who would force ourselves to go to group classes because we thought it would motivate us only to stop going because it either became a chore to get there, or we didn’t have that much time in our schedules to go to a class. Now I can do a variety of workouts on demand without having to get in the car or dress a certain way, or do my hair. I can attend conference calls and meetings while I ride. This isn’t a novelty for me, it’s a lifestyle change. I know you can go on YouTube and find different classes, I just don’t have time to do that. Everything is at my fingertips here. I love it.

  • Kelly says:

    I also joined the community during the pandemic and I am addicted to my bike+, I have taken both types of classes and prefer the one on one classes. If they keep the focus on the instructor and not the people in the class it might be ok, but I feel they the instructors are more motivating and inspiring when it’s just me and them. I’m sure for the instructors they prefer to have people present. Either way I just hope they weather the storm and are around for a long long time to come.

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