Press Preview: New York Peloton Studio to open to journalists on June 10th, 2022

Peloton has sent out an invite today to some journalists and other special guests inviting them to ride at the Peloton Studios in New York on June 10th, 2022.

We first reported last week that Peloton was looking at a soft opening and limited days in June.

The event is being titled an “exclusive press preview” of Peloton Studios New York.

The event will include a taking a live class, a behind the scenes tour of the brand new studio, as well as a meet and greet with some of the Peloton instructors.

Invite sent to journalists to be one of the first to take classes in the studio.
Invite sent to journalists to be one of the first to take classes in the studio.

There will be 6 classes that will have members & journalists in the live classes, which include Rides, Runs, Yoga, and Strength.

The first classes that will have members in them are:

  • Robin Arzon – Ride – 8:00am ET
  • Adrian Williams – Tread – 8:00am ET
  • Rebecca Kennedy – Strength – 9:00am ET
  • Olivia Amato – Tread – 9:30am ET
  • Ross Rayburn – Yoga – 5:00pm ET
  • Cody Rigsby – Live DJ Ride – 5:45pm ET

Based on this, expect to hear more news about more classes opening up to members soon.

And for those who are not looking forward to having people in classes again soon, Robin has shared that there will still be instructor only classes as well.

This was first reported by Connect The Watts. They have since deleted their post with the news.

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