Jess King + Mr. Big + Ryan Reynolds film new parody of Peloton “And Just Like That” / “Sex and the City” appearance

In case you missed it, earlier this week Jess King showed up in the first episode of “And Just Like That” (the new Sex and the City TV show). She played “Allegra”, a Peloton instructor. In the episode, Mr. Big was taking one of Allegra’s classes and hoping for a shoutout for his 1,000th ride.


Last chance – spoilers about the show & episode are below

Shortly after the ride, Mr. Big has a heart attack and dies. This has caused many conversations in the Peloton world, mainly revolving around how Peloton could have allowed their product to be portrayed like this, or if they knew ahead of time. Peloton has since put out a statement saying they worked with HBO for Jess to make an appearance but were not told the broader context of how the Peloton & Jess would be in the episode. The stock price also dropped in the past few days, and it was widely attributed to be related to Peloton’s appearance in the episode.

Now, Jess King is back in a new follow-up commercial/parody created by Ryan Reynolds.

The commercial first appeared in a posting from Ryan Reynolds. Peloton then shared it as a tweet, with the caption of “Exercise improves cardio health. Constant drama, maybe not so much”. This tweet was deleted after about 10 minutes, replaced by one simply saying “And just like that…he’s alive.”

Reports indicate this was not a pre-planned commercial, and instead, something that was rapidly created. The commercial was produced by Ryan Reynold’s Maximum Effort production company. Ryan shared an image that talked about the “lightning speed” that the team created the commercial in. Peloton’s Chief Content Officer shared that “This weekend, I got the chance to witness the amazing @jesskingnyc and our spectacular marketing, social and COMMs team work their magic in a few hours.”

In the parody, it seems to be Jess King and Chris Noth acting as themselves – rather than their characters Allegra & Mr. Big. Sitting on a sofa next to each other, they say “To New Beginnings” to each other – then he asks if they should “take another ride” because “Life is too short not to”. The scenes then pans to two Peloton Bike+ sitting behind them, and Ryan Reynolds then gives a quick medical style disclaimer to end the commercial.

This isn’t Ryan’s first time to dip his toes into the Peloton world. Shortly after the now-infamous “Peloton Wife” commercial two years ago, Ryan got the actress to appear in a commercial for his aviation gin. You can see that parody here and read more about it in Variety. That commercial uses the same “To New Beginnings” phrase that is said in this commercial as well.

Jess King’s class yesterday (Saturday) was cancelled – it’s possible it was due to her needing to fly to wherever this was filmed so it could be produced in a short amount of time.

Update: Peloton officially confirmed the short timeline in a statement to Variety:

Working with Ryan Reynolds and his marketing company, Maximum Effort, we filmed a spot with actor Chris Noth and Peloton instructor Jess King,” Peloton senior communications lead Denise Kelly explained to Variety in a statement. “We filmed the spot in New York City this weekend and the entire project came together in less than 48 hours… Maximum Effort was recently acquired by software company MNTN, and Peloton was an early hand-raiser to be a part of MNTN’s new Creative-As-A-Subscription (CaaS) service. This enabled both teams to quickly together to produce this ad.

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