ABBA Peloton Classes & Workouts – Featured Artist Series: Ride, Run, Bootcamp, Strength & more.

The featured artist series Peloton teased last week has officially been announced today. The ABBA artist series will launch on December 15! Peloton posted the news on Instagram this morning:

They made some of the most loved songs ever, managed to pull off Nordic knitwear with platform heels and they are finally now on Peloton! Get your heart racing to classic hits by @abba you’ll be singing to yourself days after your workout is done.

There will be a total of nine classes taking place from December 15-17 in five modalities: rides, runs, bike bootcamp, strength, and yoga. The featured instructors for this series are Cody Rigsby, Aditi Shah, Becs Gentry, Leanne Hainsby, Matty Maggiacomo, Christine D’Ercole, and Hannah Marie Corbin, along with Marcel Maurer and Erik Jäger teaching in German.

Three classes will drop on-demand, but the rest of the series will be taught live. The complete schedule and class list of Peloton Abba classes is below.

ABBA Peloton Classes & Schedule & Workouts – Featured Artist Series

Peloton teased this series last week with a video on Instagram. There is no indication yet on whether there will be a special badge for completing an ABBA class, but Peloton sometimes does release new badges for big artist series that they tease in advance.

As always, you can find the complete list of previous featured artists series in our full guide.

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