Guide to Peloton Scenic Classes: How to Take a Peloton Scenic Class

A guide of Peloton’s scenic classes, including how to find and start them on your Peloton Bike, Tread, or Row.

In addition to the tens of thousands of instructor led classes from the Peloton studios on the platform, Peloton also offers scenic classes. These take members out of the studio, into the real world for runs, walks, and rides in various scenic locations.

Peloton doesn’t release their scenic classes quite as often as normal classes, typically only releasing new scenic classes every few months.

How to Find Peloton Scenic Classes (How to Start a Peloton Scenic Class)

On your Peloton hardware, simply choose the “More Rides” tab at the bottom of your Peloton home screen. (Note that if you have a Tread, you’ll pick “More Runs”, or if you have a Row, you’ll pick “More Rows”. From there, you’ll see a large option for “Scenic”. Press that, and you’ll be taken to the list of Peloton scenic classes. Peloton scenic classes are available on all Peloton devices: Bike, Bike+, Tread, Tread+, and Row.

Unfortunately, the Peloton scenic classes are only available to take on Peloton devices themselves, and for those with All-Access membership. A few years ago, Peloton did allow members to take scenic classes through the Peloton app, but Peloton removed their old scenic classes and stopped offering through the app in May 2021.

Types of Peloton Scenic Classes

Peloton actually has several different types of scenic classes available. You are able to workout with an instructor in a scenic class, or pick a distance or time based scenic class.

Guided Peloton Scenic Classes (Run, Ride, Row) with an instructor

In the guided scenic classes, the Peloton instructor (or sometimes two instructors) are on-location in whatever location you are set to workout in. You’ll see them running, riding, or rowing the entire time – guiding you through the location for the day. They’ll also typically give you some history & cultural background on whatever location you are in.

If you enjoy using the auto-resistance features for the Bike+, or auto-incline for the Tread, Peloton’s guided scenic classes work with the auto-resistance and auto-incline features so you can more easily simulate the inclines the instructors are leading you through.

For Peloton’s Guided scenic classes, the music playlist works like a normal Peloton class, where the instructor has designed the tracks and it is a set playlist.

Distance Based Peloton Scenic Classes (with Responsive Video)

Peloton also offers distance-based scenic classes. For these, you are picking both a scenic location as well as distance – which might be 1km, 5km, 10km, 1 mile, and other various distances. For these, Peloton has actually made the videos responsive – so that as you pedal (or run or row) faster or slower, the video will speed up or slow down with you. Peloton describes this as “scenic video playback is consistent with your personal speed”

For distance-based classes, the playlists will change daily, so that if you take it again, you won’t have the same playlist. In addition, you can utilize the Peloton radio feature – where you pick a genre of music and get a playlist from that genre.

Time Based Peloton Scenic Classes

Finally, you have time-based Peloton scenic classes. Here, rather than picking the distance, you are picking a set time to work out, along with the location. class lengths can range anywhere from 5 minutes up to 90 minutes. However, the videos in this mode are not responsive – no matter how fast you go, the video will not speed up or slow down.

For time-based Peloton scenic classes, you have the same curated daily playlists, or the choice of Peloton scenic radio.

Locations of Peloton Scenic Classes

Peloton’s scenic classes have taken members all around the world. Peloton will add time-based and distance-based scenic classes more often than guided scenic classes. There are also locations available in the guided & distance categories that aren’t available as guided classes with coaches.

If you want to get an idea of all the locations of Peloton Scenic classes, you can see here.

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