Complete List of Peloton Scenic Rides

Update 2 – You can find the list of new scenic rides here, and the list of new scenic runs here.

Update – This was the original list of scenic rides that were available to all members until April 30th, 2021. However, starting May 1st Peloton announced they were moving to new scenic classes.

Peloton has a feature on their Bike & Treads (and Bike+ & Tread+) called “Scenic Rides” (and runs). This feature is somewhat hidden because you can’t access it from the main class library. Instead, you have to select the “More” tab on the home screen. From there, you have two options – one for “Just Ride/Run”, which gives you the ability to workout for as long as you want with no coaching. The other is “Scenic Rides/Runs” – our topic for discussion today!

The scenic rides & runs on Peloton are of various lengths, and take you through a first person view of your chosen location. Peloton describes them as a way to workout to “inspiring scenic routes from around the globe.” At time of publishing there are 232 different scenic rides available for members to take, ranging from US & Canadian national parks, major cities like Vancouver, Venice, and Chicago, as well as various other scenic natural locations like New Zealand or Hawaii.

Something to know about Peloton’s scenic rides: the speed of the video is not tied to the speed you are biking. No matter what cadence or power you are pedaling at, the ride will progress through the scenery at the same speed. This can throw some people off, so just be aware.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to search for scenic rides on the Bike or Tread. You can just scroll through the large list of classes, that are in a seemingly random order. To make life easier, we’ve put together this list of Peloton’s scenic rides, that is available in alphabetical order. You can click on the class time to open that ride in Peloton, where you can bookmark it for easier reference to find later.

Complete List of Peloton’s Scenic Rides available on the Bike

Length (in minutes)Scenic Ride Location
20Acadia National Park
15All Roads Lead
15All Terrain
15Argentinian Trails
10Arid Air
15Arizona Terrain
10Banff National Park
15Bavaria Germany
45Bay Area
20Big Sur
30Big Sur
20Bocas del Toro
20Bolzano South Tyrol
60Bright Lights Big City
30British Columbia
15British Columbia
30British Columbia
20Bryce Canyon National Park
30Burgundy and Centre
10Cadillac Mountain
30California Bound
45California Coast
10California Dreaming
15California Dreams
60California National Parks
45California National Parks Part 2
30California Trails
15Canadian Mountains
30Canadian National Park
10Canadian National Parks
15Canadian Roads
10Capitol Reef
10Casco Bay
15Casco Bay
10Cedar Mesa
20Central America Part 1
20Central America Part 2
10Centre-Val de Loire
20Chilean Mountains
10Chilean Vistas
20Cinque Terre
60Cities By The Sea
30Coasts & Trails
15Col du Tourmalet
45Columbia River Gorge
30Costa Rica
30Costa Rican Morning
20Cote D’Azur
15Côte d’Azur
30Country Roads
30Death Valley
60Deserts and Dirt Roads
30Dinosaur Provincial Park
10Dirt Roads
20Fall Colors
30Fall Harvest
10Fiordland National
15French Alps
30French Countryside
45French Countryside
30French Forest
20French Pastoral
15French Roads
10French Suburbs
10Frosty Mountain Roads
10German Cityscape
10Glacier National Park
20Glaciers & Rocks
30Glaciers of Argentina
15Golden Gate Park
15Grand Teton Nat. Park
15Grand Teton National Park
30Haleakala Park
60Hana Highway
20Hawaiian Highway
30Highways & Greenery
15Historic Skippers Road
15Humboldt County
20Humboldt County
10Inyo National Forest
60Italian Alps
30Italian Alps
15Italian Alps
15Italian Streets
20Joshua Tree
20Lago Di Garda
15Lago Di Garda
30Land and Water
10Las Vegas Strip
45Latin Cities
15Les Trois Tetons
15Lost Coast
30Midwest Parks
60Minnesota Mountains Ride
10Moki Dugway
15Mount St. Helens
10Mount St. Helens
30Mount St. Helens Ride
10Mount Tamalpais
35Mount Washington
30Mountain Trails
30Mt. Diablo
45Mt. Rainier
10Mt. Washington State Park
30Napa Valley
20National Parks
30Natural Peaks
30Nature Trails
30New England Colors
10New Hampshire
30New Taipei City
20New Zealand
15New Zealand
10New Zealand
60New Zealand National Parks
20New Zealand Westland
20Northern California Coast
30Northwest Forests
30Olympic National Park
20Olympic National Park
60Oregon and Washington
20Oregon National Parks
30Otztal Alps
20Otztal Alps
30Painted Hills
15Panama City
15Panama Ruins
15Parisian Morning
20Pastel Skies
30Penser Joch
30Puna Coast
30Pyrenees Park
15Qingshui Cliff
15Redwood State Park
10Rugged Trails
10San Francisco
15San Francisco
10Sand & Glaciers
15Santa Cruz Province
10Sea-To-Sky Highway
60Sierra Nevada
15Sliding Sands Trail
10Smooth Riding
15South Dakota
20South Dakota
15Southern California
30Southwest Roads
20Summer in the City
30Sun Moon Lake
20Sun Moon Lake
15Sunset Ridge
20Taiwanese Parks
30Taroko Gorge
30Torres del Paine
30Torres del Paine
30Tour de Paris
30Touriste du Champagne
30Tropical Roads
20US National Parks
15US Roads
20Utah Canyons
30Utah National Parks
15Van Damme
30Vermilion Cliffs
15Vermilion Cliffs
30West Coast Roads
10White Rim Trail
15Yoho National Park
20Zion National Park
10Zion National Park

We’ve had a couple questions around whether it’s possible to take the scenic rides with the Peloton Digital app on an iPhone/Android/AppleTV/Roku/etc. It is, but it requires a bit of a workaround using Peloton Stacks. You can view the step by step instructions on how to load scenic workouts on Peloton Digital here.

Wondering who recorded or creates Peloton’s scenic rides? It has been reported that they were created by a company called Virtual Active Fitness.

Peloton hasn’t added any new scenic rides to the collection in the last few years – so we’ll see if Peloton decides to refresh these anytime in the near future.

A complete list of the scenic rides available for a Peloton Bike or Bike+
A complete list of the scenic rides available for a Peloton Bike or Bike+
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  • Alisa says:

    This is great but it is not allowing me to bookmark, when clicking on the ride.

  • Will says:

    Just did one of these today, was thinking for those that have the bike plus would be nice if the ride was more dynamic and resistance changed based on hills

  • Flynsue says:

    Even if they just displayed a range with your stats, right?

  • Alice says:

    This list would look cool as dots on a map! Could you do that?

    • Chris L says:

      No reason we couldn’t! Just would take some time to gather the lat/lon of each location (which is what it would take). The other question would be – some of these span multiple places – so should those show up as multiple dots?

  • Amb says:

    This is a great list! Thank you!!!

  • Caligirl says:

    Where do you find the new scenic rides using the app? Thanks

  • Heral says:

    I just got my bike today and I have a very small collection of scenic rides. What am I missing? How can I access the list you’ve posted above?
    Thank you!

  • Mar Plotkin says:

    I have a bike, followed your directions and see only about 15 different (and mostly lame) rides. How do I access the other 300?

  • Kevin Cusack says:

    Any sense of whether the old peloton scenic rides are available anywhere with the old peloton music?

  • Glenn E Angelle says:

    Same question. Love the scenic rides.

  • Pelobuddy without scenic rides says:

    I too have experienced that the instructions posted by Pelobuddy show only about 15 scenic rides. Pelobuddy, would you be able to update the instructions or acknowledge they no longer work? Thank you

    • Chris L says:

      Please see the update at the top of the article – we mention Peloton has moved to a new format of scenic rides, and have a list of the new scenic rides as well.

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