Susie Chan running Badwater. Image credit Peloton.

Peloton Badwater 135 Documentary About Susie Chan Released (Class & Video)

Peloton has officially released their documentary about instructor Susie Chan’s experience running the Badwater 135 ultramarathon. The film is called “135”.

In a press release, Peloton said the following about the new video:

Peloton today released “135”, an original thirty minute documentary following Peloton Tread Instructor, Susie Chan’s journey training and competing in Badwater 135, the world’s toughest footrace. To coincide with the launch of the documentary, Peloton has also released new scenic classes, including Peloton’s first ever audio guided scenic class filmed throughout the Badwater Basin and Death Valley.

Peloton also posted about the new documentary via Instagram. The film is available on YouTube and on Peloton hardware devices via Peloton Entertainment, meaning that members can watch the film while exercising on their Bike, Tread, or Row.

Badwater 135 documentary on Peloton hardware device.
Badwater 135 documentary on Peloton hardware device.

In case you missed it, we shared earlier today that Peloton launched a new option as part of Peloton Entertainment called “Peloton Originals.” These Peloton Original classes are videos that have also aired on other channels, such as Peloton’s own YouTube channel, or through Peloton Homecoming features. You can catch up on all the details via our overview article.

Note that on the Peloton Tread, the “135” documentary is also available in the scenic content section. On the Bike and Row, the documentary can only be accessed via the Peloton Originals section of Peloton Entertainment – it cannot be accessed from the scenic page on those devices.

Peloton scenic content on Tread with new Death Valley content and Badwater 135 documentary.
Peloton scenic content on Tread with new Death Valley content and Badwater 135 documentary.

For Tread Owners, there is a special Badwater 135 badge available for taking the Badwater 135 documentary class via the scenic section. In order to obtain the badge you must take the class from scenic rather than Peloton Entertainment. Only Tread owners are eligible for this special badge. You can also get the badge by taking one of the Guided audio classes about Badwater, which Susie Chan narrates.

The documentary explores Susie’s experiences training for and running the Badwater 135 ultramarathon in July 2023. According to the press release:

With the support of a skilled crew, the Peloton community and fellow Instructors, the documentary follows Susie’s training journey, featuring heat chambers and trail runs as well as her experience competing in the race, running endless miles through extreme desert conditions. The documentary also features a number of special guests including a selection of Peloton Instructors, Chris Kostman, Badwater 135’s Race Director, as well as Members of Susie’s Peloton community group ‘Susie’s Striders.’ Whilst Susie was taking part in Badwater 135, members of Susie’s Striders created an initiative to ensure that someone was ‘running with her’ in solidarity for the entire duration of the race, either on the Peloton Tread or outside. In total, 284 Members from across the world ran in support of Susie covering a distance of 1,510 miles.

Badwater 135 documentary on Peloton hardware device.
Badwater 135 documentary on Peloton hardware device.

Susie provided the below insight about her experience running the race:

“For me, this race represented everything I had been racing and training for in my life. I considered it as the pinnacle of my running and being selected to toe the startline was the realisation of a 12 year long dream. The desert is both beautiful and harsh at the same time, much like my experience in Badwater 135. It was so special to have the Peloton community behind me, and be able to share it with them.”

We previously shared that this new content was on the way earlier this week. Peloton also held a special invite-only event at the Peloton London offices with Susie on January 24.

Badwater 135 documentary on Peloton hardware device.
Badwater 135 documentary on Peloton hardware device.

The Badwater 135 is often considered the most demanding and extreme race in the world. It is an ultramarathon that takes place every summer in California’s Death Valley. Runners have 48 hours to complete the course, and many do not finish. The press release provides additional context about the intensity of the Badwater 135:

Badwater® is a 135-mile course described as the world’s toughest foot race that combines distance, gruelling terrain and elevation. Held in California’s Death Valley in the sweltering July heat, and spanning three mountain ranges with a total of 4,450 meters of elevation gain between the start and finish, “135” explores what it takes to run the hardest footrace on earth through the eyes of Susie Chan, a fearless and accomplished ultra-marathon athlete.

In the video, Becs Gentry notes that more people have climbed Mt. Everest than have completed the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon. Susie Chan also became the first European woman to complete the Badwater Cup – finishing all 3 Badwater events in one season.

Susie Chan running Badwater.  Image credit Peloton.
Susie Chan running Badwater. Image credit Peloton.

In addition to the documentary, Peloton has also released new scenic content from Death Valley, including the first-ever audio guided scenic classes featuring Susie. Seven new classes are available on Peloton Tread devices. According to the press release:

To coincide with the launch of the documentary, Peloton Members can also experience the route of the Badwater 135 race via seven new scenic classes. Filmed in a number of breathtaking locations, Members can expect magnificent scenery whilst undertaking a 90-minute audio guided endurance run narrated by Susie, which is a simulation of the Badwater 135 course, hitting a selection of important race checkpoints and milestones.

You can watch Peloton’s “135” documentary via YouTube or your Peloton hardware device, and read all of the details behind the project via the press release.

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