New "Peloton Originals" section of Peloton Entertainment.

New “Peloton Originals” classes & documentaries in Peloton Entertainment on Peloton Bike, Tread, Row

Peloton has launched the latest content section of Peloton Entertainment, but this time, it’s not a third party streaming provider.

“Peloton Originals” is a brand new option of Peloton Entertainment. There, people will be able to find classes, content, and documentaries filmed and produced by Peloton’s own content team.

New "Peloton Originals" section of Peloton Entertainment.
New “Peloton Originals” section of Peloton Entertainment.

These Peloton Original classes are videos that have also been aired on other channels, such as Peloton’s own YouTube channel, or through Peloton Homecoming features.

At time of publishing, Peloton has not yet promoted the new portal too widely, instead mentioning it when talking about the new Badwater 135 video. They said “The documentary will also be featured as part of the launch of Peloton Originals debuting in the new Entertainment Portal”

For the initial launch of Peloton Original on Peloton, there are 6 different classes available, covering 3 unique different series (one is a 4-part series).

The featured video in Peloton Originals is the brand new “Badwater 135” video, which is a 30 minute class highlighting Susie Chan’s running of the Badwater 135 Ultra marathon.

The current video options within Peloton Originals.
The current video options within Peloton Originals.

Next, there are 4 different videos covering Becs Gentry and her Olympic Marathon time trials. These videos are called “The RoadMap – Becs’ Journey”. These videos were first created and added to YouTube in August 2021, but now they are being added on the Peloton Platform itself. These classes are all 10 minutes or less.

The last video currently available on Peloton Originals is called “Together: Ally Love & Usher”. Ally Love & Usher sat down and had some conversations during Homecoming 2021. This is an 8 minute video.

The Peloton Original section of Peloton Entertainment is available on all Peloton hardware: the Peloton Bike/Bike+, Peloton Tread/Tread+, and the Peloton Row. So even though, for example, the Badwater 135 video is running-focused: you’ll still be able to take it on the Peloton Bike.

One thing for members to keep in mind is that these classes in Peloton Originals work like other Peloton Entertainment workouts. That is to say – once you have started the video, there will be a separate “Start” button at the top of the screen you will need to press to record your workout.

Once you do, your metrics will be recorded and stored in your workout history. Note that no matter which Peloton Originals class you take, it will be listed in your profile simply as a “Peloton Entertainment” workout – so you can’t tell from there if the class you took was a Peloton Originals class, or a show you watched on Disney+, etc.

Will you be trying out one of the Peloton Originals classes?

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