Peloton Class & Documentary About Susie Chan’s Badwater 135 Ultramarathon Race Being Released Jan 24

Peloton has produced a documentary about instructor Susie Chan’s experience running the Badwater 135, often considered the most demanding and extreme race in the world.

UpdateThe Peloton documentary about Susie Chan running Badwater 135 is now available.

Peloton shared the news via Instagram

@susie_chan_ vs. the world’s toughest foot race: Badwater 135.
full documentary drops Jan 24 on Peloton and YouTube.

Peloton also released a teaser video featuring Susie along with fellow instructors Becs Gentry and Robin Arzón. You can view the full teaser trailer via YouTube or below.

The teaser ends by noting the full documentary will be released on January 24 at 11:00am ET on both YouTube and the Peloton platform.

This means you’ll be able to watch the Susie Chan Badwater documentary as a class on Peloton (or on YouTube). It has not been confirmed yet if it will be available on both the bike, or only the Tread. We expect it will likely be a 30 min class.

Susie Chan finishing Badwater 135.
Susie Chan finishing Badwater 135.

Susie competed in the Badwater 135 in July, completing the race in just over 41 hours. The Badwater 135 is an ultramarathon that takes place every summer in California’s Death Valley. Runners have 48 hours to complete the course, and many do not finish.

We previously shared that Peloton was hosting an invite-only special event at the Peloton London Offices with Susie on January 24. We speculated that the event could be in relation to a documentary about Susie’s Badwater experiences.

This is not the first documentary Peloton has produced. Two years ago, Peloton made a 4 part documentary about Becs Gentry and her Olympic marathon trial jounrey. Peloton also created a documentary series about Robin Arzon’s journey through pregnancy.

You can expect access to the full documentary about Susie’s Badwater 135 on January 24 at 11:00am ET on both YouTube, and as a class on Peloton.

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