New Peloton Yin Yoga Coaches + Classes In German

Fans of Peloton’s Yin Yoga content will be pleased to learn that Peloton has expanded the offering with new instructors and a new class language.

Nico Sarani taught her first Yin Yoga class on July 24, bringing the format to German-speaking members for the first time. The class was 30 minutes in length. Nico shared her excitement via Instagram.

Part of her post said (translated):

What I find coolest about Yin, however, is that it gives us more space in the poses to “arrive at ourselves” – i.e. to practice switching off the colorful hustle and bustle in the brain.

So we’re stalking a little bit of meditation – and since yoga is traditionally (at least that’s what old Patanjali would agree with) to calm our minds, the practice is great for practicing just that.

Peloton Yin Yoga classes.
Peloton Yin Yoga classes.

In addition, Kristin McGee, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, and Kirra Michel all recently taught their first Yin Yoga classes over the course of the last month:

Peloton Yin Yoga classes.
Peloton Yin Yoga classes.

With the Yin Yoga team expanding, we could possibly see classes from Anna Greenberg, Mariana Fernández, and Ross Rayburn as well in the future.

Yin Yoga first launched on the Peloton platform in February 2023. Until recently, only Aditi Shah and Denis Morton instructed the format. Yin Yoga is a slower-paced style of yoga that involves holding postures for longer periods of time – perhaps 3-5 minutes or even longer. Many of the poses focus on the connective tissues and joints of the body. Note that this is different from restorative yoga, which focuses on relaxing and healing – Yin Yoga focuses on stretching and applying gentle stress to certain parts of the body.

All Yin Yoga classes are placed in the dedicated Peloton collection. You can also use the “restorative” filter to locate Yin Yoga classes when searching the complete on-demand library.

Have you added Peloton’s Yin Yoga content to your regular routine?

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