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Week In Review – November 17th, 2019

The Week in Review is a round-up of interesting tidbits from the Peloton universe. We share some of these stories via our Facebook pageFacebook group, and Instagram, but not all of it makes it there so be sure to check in weekly for the latest!

New UK Instructors – Hannah Frankson and Sam Yo

Peloton announced their 2 newest UK instructors this week – Hannah Frankson and Sam Yo. Hannah’s Premier Ride was Tuesday at 1pm EST / 6pm GMT, and Sam’s Premier Ride was Wednesday at 1pm EST / 6pm GMT. Both of those rides are now available on demand. Check out our story announcing them to find out a little more about their background and history.

Confirmation of Peloton Rower & Lower Cost Treadmill for 2020

Bloomberg dropped a report on everyone this week semi-confirming the news that Peloton would be releasing a rower in 2020. While that had been rumored for a while, they also had the surprising piece of information that Peloton would also be releasing a second, lower cost, version of the Peloton Tread in 2020. The Peloton Rowing Machine will likely be released first, with the treadmill coming later. You can see a summary of the full Bloomberg news report here.

Becs Gentry interviewed by Runners World

Runner’s World has a great interview with Becs Gentry, where she discusses how she used Treadmill Speed Sessions to help her prepare for the NYC Marathon. Last week, she got a 12 minute PR in the New York City Marathon, crossing the line in 2:37:01, the fastest non-elite female in the race!

5 German Showrooms Confirmed

We also found out this week that there would be 5 showrooms in Germany for Peloton’s initial launch into Germany. They will be located in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. You can find the exactly locations & full addresses for each here. We also expect to find out in the new few weeks who the 2 German language instructors will be – both will be based out of London and join Ben, Leanne, Sam, and Hannah.

Seeking Alpha analysis of Peloton Stock

Prior to the announcement of the rower & generation 2 Treadmill, an article was published on Seeking Alpha doing a deep-dive analysis of the current value of Peloton Stock. All the news of this week did end up driving the PTON stock over 15% higher.

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