2 New UK Cycling Instructors: Hannah Frankson and Sam Yo

Peloton is continuing to round out their programming for their UK customers by introducing 2 new cycling instructors: Hannah Frankson and Sam Yo. They both will be based out of London, teaching English language cycling classes with live time slots primarily designed for UK riders. Peloton has a blog post up that has a mini Q&A with the 2 new coaches.

Hannah Frankson

Hannah Frankson comes to Peloton after being a personal trainer at Equinox for the past 4 years. She also has worked as a model for nearly a decade, being represented by MOT Models. A journalist wrote an article about working with a celebrity trainer – her trainer ended up being Hannah, so you can get a glimpse of what it would have been to work with Hannah at Equinox with that article.

Sam Yo

Sam Yo, also known as Sam Santhaveesuk, has a very diverse background. In addition to working as a fitness instructor for Digme Fitness, where he taught more than 750 classes, he also worked to record digital cycling classes for the Bkool cycling training platform. In addition to these fitness exploits and more, he also used to be Buddhist monk and has done some acting work.

Their premier rides will be this week!

  • Tuesday 11/12 – 1:00PM EST / 6:00PM GMT – 45 minute Premier Ride with Hannah Frankson
  • Wednesday 11/13 – 1:00PM EST / 6:00PM GMT – 45 minute Premier Ride with Sam Yo

Last week we had reported that Matt Wilpers & Cody Rigsby would be doing some London meet & greets these same two days – we can now safely assume this was planned to help promote the newest coaches and help train/onboard Hannah and Sam! No word yet on if Matt Wilpers being one of the coaches who went over will mean that either Sam or Hannah might be adding to the roster of Power Zone Training coaches along with Matt & Denis Morton.

You can keep checking back on the cycling schedule for when Hannah’s and Sam’s regular time slots will be, as the premier rides are the only ones listed.

Based on what we learned on the Peloton earnings call, we still expect there to be an announcement in the near term about at least 2 new Peloton German language coaches, who will also be based out of the London studio!

Photo Source: https://blog.onepeloton.com/

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