Some updates on new private label Peloton Apparel

As we recently reported, Peloton has re-branded and re-launched their own private label apparel. Peloton instructors have been wearing the new apparel during classes, and Peloton has placed billboards advertising the new apparel in major cities across the US.

Since then, both John & Jill Foley have recently conducted interviews where they revealed a little extra information about the new apparel lines.

Most recently, Jill Foley, who is Peloton’s VP of Apparel, sat down for an interview with CNN.

The first thing Jill noted was that Peloton plans to continue to continue to have 8 seasonal apparel drops – two in each season. She did state that they will also have special themed drops as well – and pointed out their previous Grateful Dead, Black History Month, and Pride Month collaborations.

Speaking of what instructors wear, Jill spoke a little about this as well in the interview. She stated that instructors are “not compensated for wearing it”, and that Peloton is “never going to dictate what they need to wear” – but then stated Peloton does ask that the instructors “wear Peloton on the stream”. It’s been previously reported that instructors need to wear at least one item of clothing when teaching live classes.

It was also shared that Peloton continues to have a goal for inclusivity, even with their apparel: “not only with pricing but with sizing and style.”

Peloton also has seen the demographics of who is buying apparel changing:

The pandemic did change this a lot. When I started the business, our demographic was men and women equally. Early 30s to early 50s was the demographic.
Now, we see opportunity in younger ages, into the 20s. College-age students are starting to wear Peloton [clothing]. We never used to sell crop tank tops, and now we do.

Peloton CEO John Foley also recently discussed apparel. John was speaking to an investor audience at the Goldman Sachs 30th Annual Communacopia Conference. While he covered a range of topics (and you can view the full transcript here), John did specifically mention apparel at one point – and highlighted how the change to private label would offer Peloton much better margins (profits) on the products.

He stated:

We’re going to be able to sell them apparel which is now much higher margin than it was yesterday because of our direct to contract manufacturers in Asia and wherever — and Los Angeles, where we’re getting a lot of this stuff made. But the margins, not only is it better, higher quality, better fabrics, better fashion, better fit and all the stuff that our apparel line represents but now it’s much higher margin. So, all of this stuff is kind of a strategic investment and we think we are playing chess where others are — to be honest, aren’t even playing checkers

Have you tried any of the new private label apparel yet?

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