Rumor Update: Initial versions of Peloton Rower will not have buttons/controls on the handle

New information revealed about the Peloton Rower indicates that although Peloton experimented with and tested handle controls, that feature appears to not have made it to the final version of the Peloton Rower, which we expect to launch later this year.

Earlier this month we shared a rumor that the rower could have controls on the handle, allowing the user to take certain actions during class (while rowing) without removing their hands from the handle. These actions would potentially include adjusting the volume, giving out high-fives, navigating the leaderboard, and more.

New information now suggests that the first iteration of the Peloton rower released to the public – reportedly to be called “Peloton Row” – will not have any controls or buttons on the handle after all. There are a number of reasons why Peloton may have tested the feature but removed it before bringing the product to market, and it’s impossible to say for sure why.

This is part of the reason for doing beta tests and tests with members (like Peloton has been doing with the Rower) – to gather feedback and make changes before locking down the final version of the product to release to the world. However, this is always subject to change and is something to be on the lookout for in a potential future version of the device (for example, if the upcoming release is the “Peloton Row”, could a rower with buttons for the handle be part of a future “Peloton Row+”?)

Though it has been months since Peloton finally announced the Rower at Homecoming 2022, not much additional information has been shared. We’ve recently reported on a couple of key developments, such as the fact that the device will have the ability to be stored upright, will have some form feedback functionality, could come with a self-assembly option, and the potential Olympic Rower Alex Karwoski could be a new Peloton rowing coach.

Peloton leadership has been relatively quiet on proving updates of the status of the Peloton Row, aside from sharing a timeline that will “hopefully” have the device ready for the holiday season. However, just this week at the Q4 2022 earnings call CEO Barry McCarthy shared that the rower will be “expensive.” You can read more details in our recent article.

As always, we will continue to share updates about the Peloton rower as details emerge!

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