Updated Peloton Bike+, Tread, Rower tablet filed with FCC: PLTN-TTR01-3 / 2AA3N-TTR03 (3rd generation?)

Peloton has submitted new documents with the FCC for an updated version of the video screen & tablet that is currently used for the Peloton Bike+, Peloton Tread, and presumably, the forthcoming Peloton Rower.

While most of the documents are filed under seal for around 6 months, all the data points to this being a refresh of the existing tablet.

The official model number of the new tablet is “PLTN-TTR01-3”. Given the original model is “PLTN-TTR01”, this points to it simply being the 3rd iteration of the Bike+ tablet screen.

Image from FCC filing.
Image from FCC filing.

This would mean that it most likely won’t bring any new features or capabilities to Peloton members. Instead, Peloton has likely updated some of the internal components to ones that are easier to source, cheaper, or just slightly more modern.

Peloton filed documents for the 2nd refresh of the Peloton Bike+ and tablet in November. That tablet had the model number PLTN-TTR01-2.

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