Peloton Screencasting & Mirroring (Miracast) now available to Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

A power feature of the Peloton bike & treadmill is the ability to mirror, or screencast, its display to a larger TV or screen through a technology known as Miracast. Many devices, including a number of newer TVs, support Miracast. For TVs that don’t support it by default, a workaround to add it has been to simply plug in a Roku media player or an older version of the Amazon Fire TV stick to an HDMI port and you would be good to go.

However, for unknown reasons, the newest version Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K did not support Miracast. That all changed yesterday with the release of new 6.2.3 software for the stick. As originally reported by AFTVNews, the new software update added the Miracast capability to the 4K stick.

We have added a guide & tutorial showing you step by step how to screen cast from your Peloton to a Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Check out the video below, or watch it on YouTube.

This means that after you update your Fire TV 4K stick to the latest version, you can enable screencasting on the Fire TV stick and mirror your Peloton to the stick! To enable the feature on the Fire TV 4K stick (after updating it to the latest version of the software), simply press & hold the home button on your remote for a few seconds. A popup will appear, with one of them saying “Mirroring”. Use the remote to select it, and the TV will go into a waiting mode, ready to display content from the Peloton. You can also enable the mirroring setting through the Fire TV stick settings menu, however, that takes many more clicks. The TV should look similar to the below screenshot once it is set up in mirroring mode:

The next step is to actually send the content from your Peloton display screen to the Fire TV 4K stick. To do so, touch the top right of the Peloton display, where it shows the current time. This will bring up the quick settings menu. One of the options on the screen (third at the time of publishing) is a “Cast Screen” option. Click that.

You’ll then see a screen similar to the above. The first name shown, Android_XXXX, is simply the internal name of your bike. You can ignore this (unless you have multiple bikes). The main part to look at is the Devices list. This will show the list of devices that have Miracast enabled and are on your same network. Assuming you followed the above directions, you should see the name of your Fire TV 4K stick listed. If it is in mirroring mode, it will be in black text and you will be able to click it. If it’s not in mirroring mode, it will either not be listed (if you’ve never clicked it before), or be listed but be gray (meaning it’s not accepting mirroring connections). Click on the name of your Fire TV stick on the Peloton display, and it will begin connecting. After a few seconds (usually 5-15), your Peloton screen should pop up on the TV. Hit the Peloton icon in the bottom center of the screen to go back to the home page and you’re ready to get to your workout!

Let us know if you have the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and are excited about this update.

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We have added a guide & tutorial showing you step by step how to screen cast from your Peloton to a Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Check out the video below, or watch it on YouTube. #peloton #screencasting #mirroring #AmazonFireTV #pelobuddy

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  • Lauren M Duda says:

    It worked! I just got the 4K fire stick for this very reason but didn’t know that previously this feature didn’t work. Glad I tried anyway as I was about to return the darn thing.

  • Kevin says:

    Am I just better purchasing the older version Fire Stick? Is there a difference in the two or just price.
    The TV I will be using is not a smart TV but does have HDMI

  • Alex says:

    How can I do this without starting Fire TV and going to the “display mirroring” screen? Just from my bike… cast -> choose to where and waking up the device

    With Apple TV when you cast a screen it turns on even the TV automatically… (with HDMI ARC)

  • Mark Nissen says:

    Hello Pelobuddy – I wanted to share something with the broader group and thought this may be the forum. I recently bought a Peloton Tread (delivered the beginning of September 2020) and love it. The one thing that was bothering me was the “Cast Screen”. I have a Samsung smart TV and I also have a Roku and Firestick. Nothing was working. Sometime the devices would show up. Sometimes not. When I would try to cast, it would not connect, etc. I worked with the support team and they were not very helpful. There last thing to ask (after a few emails as well and a couple of phone calls) was if I was using a mesh router. I said yes and this was the entire response “We do not recommend Mesh Routers. You can try connecting to another access point or directly to your router w a cord.” Simple enough, if you happen to have another router laying around. I did (thankfully) and it still turned into a real pain setting up a completely seperate network for my television and Peloton. This was a huge headache, but I was determined to be able to do bootcamp classes and be able to see a screen from my floor without having to do two seperate workouts. Anyways, I think it would be helpful for Pelobuddy to write an article on how to “Cast Screen” if you have a mesh router and have it be available for those searching for issues with this dilemma. Thanks for listening. I hope I can help someone with this email. :).

  • Michele says:

    I’ve been going crazy trying to get this to work and support was NO help at all. I also have a mesh router so I will adjust as you mentioned. Thank you SO muchn

  • Katie says:

    Hi! Once you have completed all the steps to mirror through a firestick is there any way to switch the volume back to your headphones? Thanks for your advice!

  • R. Smith says:

    I have a Toshiba 4K FIRETV. I bought in 2019. The option to enable mirroring is not listed under the displays and sounds menu. The home button does not have that option either. Are you aware of another option to cast using a built in fire TV vs firestick TV?

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