Peloton announces partnership with NBA & WNBA; WNBA & NBA themed Peloton classes + NBA League Pass on Peloton Entertainment

Peloton has announced a new multi-year partnership with both the NBA & WNBA. This will see Peloton become an official fitness partner to both the NBA & WNBA.

For Peloton members, this means that there will be NBA & WNBA themed Peloton classes coming to the platform. It doesn’t state how many or how often, just that they will be coming, saying “As such, Peloton will develop NBA- and WNBA-themed classes across the brand’s fitness modalities throughout each league’s respective seasons.”

Peloton highlighted the previous NBA basketball themed classes they have done – including the two NBA finals classes hosted in June and teased there are more classes (and other fitness content) to look forward to:

The collaboration builds upon the fan-favorite Peloton NBA Finals Full Body Strength and Two for One Cycling classes, hosted in June. Throughout the course of the upcoming NBA season, Peloton will create unique fitness content and custom co-branded programming for Peloton Members and NBA fans.

In addition, NBA League pass will be added as an option to the Peloton Entertainment feature, allowing members to watch WNBA & NBA games on their Peloton devices. This will add it as an option next to HBO Max, Disney+, Netflix, YouTube TV, and other options in the future (there is still no sign of Amazon Prime TV, which was removed shortly after being added).

Additionally, the NBA is launching a new “NBA Fitness” platform dedicated to health & wellness. NBA’s Senior Vice President, Head of Gaming & New Business Ventures said the following about Peloton’s involvement: “We look forward to leveraging Peloton’s leadership in the space as we create co-branded fitness classes with both the NBA and WNBA, bring original content to the NBA App and make NBA League Pass available on Peloton devices.”

Note that the NBA League pass feature is not launching today on Peloton Entertainment – more updates are expected to be provided “in the coming weeks”

Leslie Berland, Chief Marketing Officer of Peloton, said the following about the new partnership:

“Peloton Members are NBA and WNBA fans, and this collaboration is going to bring amazing content and experiences to them and all fans of both leagues. We have a shared goal to inspire and connect people through fitness, sport and community — we’re excited to join forces and achieve exactly that.”

Peloton has since posted a short teaser video to their social channels as well:

How to watch NBA games on a Peloton Bike, Tread or Row with NBA League Pass on Peloton Entertainment (& WNBA Games)

To watch an NBA game on a Peloton Bike, Tread or Row – you’ll start by clicking the “More” tab at the bottom of your screen. There, you’ll then use the “Entertainment” option. You should then see a “NBA league pass” option. Log in, and it will work like NBA league pass on your other mobile devices (Note that you’ll need a separate subscription to NBA League pass to watch, in addition to your normal Peloton All-Access membership cost). You’ll access WNBA games through the same NBA League pass.

Are you excited about this partnership?

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