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This week, we cover the the following topics:

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Mark: On this week’s episode, we’re going to be talking about a potential new competitor for Peloton and Peloton Comeback launches in the U.K. and much, much more.

Mark: Welcome to episode two of Pelo Buddy  TV. Pelo Buddy TV is the new unofficial weekly TV show and podcast for the Peloton community by the Peloton community. And joining me today is my co-host, Amanda Segal. Hi, Amanda. What have you been up to this week?

Amanda: Hello, Mark. And funny you should ask, are we all still buzzing about the epic Prince Ride that Ally Love and Emma Lovewell did on Wednesday night, Truly Mark, it was absolutely spectacular. I believe there were close to 24000 people, 23000 something at seven thirty at night. Pretty impressive that they got that many people on there, but it truly was amazing. Did you have an opportunity to jump on and ride too?

Mark: Unfortunately, I couldn’t do the live ride because the timing in the UK didn’t allow. But I jumped on Thursday morning’s, tribe ride at 6:15 AM, and I absolutely loved it Amanda.

Amanda: Yeah, I have to say, the the buzz online and on social has been so incredible. I think next up, we need to push Peloton to see about maybe doing a Leanne and Ben duo ride.  Maybe something to the Grease theme. I think that would be spectacular too. So maybe we can push Peloton for that, right?

Mark: Oh, I hope they’re listening, Amanda. And they go ahead with that because that would be awesome.

Amanda: I think that could be really fun.  So what’s in the news, Mark?

Mark: Yeah. So before I go into the news, Amanda, I just wanted to mention that we have launched this week the new audio podcast that’s available on all podcast platforms from iTunes to TuneIn to Google.  And it’s going to be it’s going to be great.  Two alternatives:  You can watch the TV episode or you can listen to the audio podcast. So let’s go straight into the news and do we have some news for you this week. There’s been another purge of the Peloton library. New riders might not be familiar with it, but periodically Peloton will remove classes from the library, making them no longer available. The purge this week was twofold. First, all rides featuring former instructors Jennifer Jacobs and Stephen Little were removed. Their on-demand library had slowly been dwindling since their departure. But this purge saw the removal of all their remaining classes, which was around 150 workouts combined.

Amanda: Wow. You know, Mark, additionally, Peloton removed a number of older rides that contained current instructors as well. In this case, rides filming in 2016 and earlier.  There were nearly 200 to 300 rides from this time frame and only a handful remain now.  Many members have expressed some disappointment with these removals. I think that the impact possibly could have been softened, maybe if Peloton had given us a little bit of notice or warned us. Probably, for legal and contractual reasons they couldn’t.  But I think it would have allowed members to have maybe taken one last ride with their favorite workouts. Many of the 2016 time frame rides were hidden artist series rides – with playlists featuring – an all Alanis, Billy and Elton, Missy Elliott vs. Aaliyah, and some TV themed show rides. There was Metallica, George Michael, Dave Matthews Band, and many others more like this, which don’t have direct replacements with current rides.

Mark: Do you know what? Peloton provided a statement confirming the removals, saying, “We do occasionally remove classes for a variety of reasons, including quality, legal or contractual considerations, or simply a lack of usage from our members.” In this case, it was probably a mix of these reasons. For the JJ & Steven removals, contract issues might come into play – if they get residuals from each time one of their workouts was done. Jennifer this week teamed up with a new fitness platform, which we’ll touch on later in the show, which possibly also prompted Peloton’s removal of these classes.

Amanda: I think that’s actually probably a really good point,  I never thought of it from that perspective. But I do know that for the 2016 era rides, it would seem likely to be for quality issues as the production probably wasn’t quite where it is today. It’s possible that there were music licensing issues as well, although many thought purchase due to music licensing issues might be over, with the lawsuit having been settled earlier this year with the National Music Publishers Association, at which time had resulted in a massive 65 percent purge of the library.

Mark: And with that, let’s look at other news that’s happened.

Mark: So launching is the Apple story and Apple have announced that they will be launching into the digital fitness arena sometime this year. The company is developing a new subscription for virtual fitness classes that can be used as an app on the iPhone, the iPad, Apple TV. The people said that the service will be offered to the higher end in a higher end bundle with the rest of Apple services. It’s code-named Seymour. The workout package will rival virtual classes offered by companies including Peloton Interactive, and Nike, according to the people.

Amanda: Hmm. I wonder how that’s going to impact our Peloton? Hopefully not too much. I think a couple million that we have on there are so hooked that I can’t believe anything can compete with it. But I guess time will just tell and we’ll have to see what happens down the road, right?

Mark: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Amanda: Well, one thing I have to tell you, Mark, is that Peloton is at the forefront, constantly changing people’s lives. And I’m so excited to have seen that Peloton  Comeback is now in the UK. For those of you that don’t know what Peloton Comeback is – it was something that was launched here in the US whereby they donated, I believe it’s close to 600 bikes so far to folks that are out there that really wouldn’t have been able to purchase their own bikes. And they have a story, whatever the story may be, whether it be a comeback story of their own.  I just read up recently of a guy who had lost his wife unexpectedly and was just so desperate, and had gotten into such a dark hole and being able to have been gifted, this bike has literally, literally changed this man’s life. So we’re excited to see it being launched in the UK now.  And I understand that they are looking at supporting 50 people on their comeback journey in the next hundred days. How incredible is that?

Mark: It is. You know, I think it’s very, really commendable for Peloton to do this. They’re really reaching out to to people less fortunate.  And I think it’s a great cause. And they actually say over the next hundred days, 50 people are going to have the the privilege of owning a peloton bike. So I think it’s fantastic.

Mark: Some other news on this this episode – a former Peloton popular instructor Jennifer Jacobs [I used to love Jennifer] is back in the news, Amanda, and she’s working with Ladders.  I’ve not heard of Ladders, but Ladders is a premium instructor’s platform, largely in the US. And they’re launching the “J Method”. It’s a new training program. It’s going to cost fifty nine dollars.  Amanda? Interesting. You know, I know that Jennifer had been really popular with the Peloton crew and she ended up moving on to different things.

Amanda: So good for her and well done.  Talking about Ladder, although a different company, Alex Toussaint had become a brand ambassador earlier this year for the Ladder supplement company, which was founded by LeBron James. Now he has created his own merch line. So good for Alex. He launched it on his birthday. And my understanding it’s called the “Do Better” line. His tag line, which is kind of cool – “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Better” – I think it’s quite catchy and I really wish him all the best.  I know that Ally Love had been successful with her own line, so this will be really fun to see, certainly for the guys to have an option.

Mark: Another instructor, Amanda, that has made some news this week, in fact, two news items. First of all, over in the U.K., we have a very famous and prominent fitness coach called Joe Wicks. He goes by the name of “The Body Coach”, and literally a couple of million people in the U.K. do his workouts through the COVID shut-down & lockdown.  He’s been doing coaching classes every single day. And interestingly, one of his heroes is Robin Arzon. And interestingly, Joe rides the bike. He has a Peloton bike and he says that for the last 12 months or so, he’s been on the bike every single day. But he accounts for Robin, who he says literally has enlightened him with loads and loads of information.

Amanda: There’s no question, Mark, that Robin is just such an amazing woman in her own right. And interestingly enough, she was just recently interviewed on NBC by “Know Your Value.” You know, I think that she’s constantly in the news, people love to interview her. She definitely has a big presence here in the US, no question. So seeing it being brought to the U.K. is pretty amazing, too. And good for BBC for picking that up.

Amanda: Talking about instructors, we celebrated a couple of birthdays this past week.  Both Christine D’Ercole and Rebecca Kennedy both had birthdays – happy birthday to the two of you.

Amanda: Well, one last bit of news about the instructors, Mark.  For those of us that love Chase Tucker, he’s getting ready to start creating plans of some sort. Chase had mentioned on his Instagram that he is looking at setting up a creative way to craft a safe, effective, intelligent, customizable and most importantly sustainable training program, that he can honestly say will put your individual goals and lifestyles at the forefront.  The program will be well-rounded and allow you to insert Peloton running, strength, boot camp, cycling, yoga and even meditation into one’s regime – a way that will move you forward with your goals.  It will also include recovery day, mobility, flexibility and stretching to keep us moving. So I think that’s absolutely amazing that these instructors take the time and effort to create these alternative options for us in unison with Peloton.

Mark: Absolutely. Absolutely. And on that front, Peloton have launched a new Android app in the last week. And this allows connecting the HR monitors, the heart rate monitors, to Android Peloton Digital. It’s the first new feature in a while. However, they’re still missing a few big iOS advantages that have been added over last year. For example, preloading classes for offline use. The iOS platform got that back in April last year. And GPS tracker and outdoor metrics which the iOS platform got in May of last year. So, yeah, Android has a bit of catching up, but it’s a good move, I think, by Peloton Amanda.

Amanda: I think so too. I think they’re constantly advancing. We’re all on different platforms.  So it’s helpful to really give opportunities to all folks to be able to utilize the app when they’re not on the bike or on the tread.   With that, talking about the bike and the Tread, they have actually done a leaderboard tag extension. They’re experimenting with showing leaderboard tags within the news feed during rides as well.  So that’ll be interesting to see that. I know we’ve all kind of caught on to the tags and like the idea of being part of a community. I’ve always said how amazing the Peloton community is.  And so that’s going to be something interesting to see how that pans out.

Amanda: With that, they’ve also added, which I’m really excited about, is the Annual challenge update.  So up until just recently, you could clock in at ,5000 minutes.  And I think they recognize that we are crazy fitness freaks, all of us, right? And we’re spending way too much time on our bikes and tread. So they have now increased it. And you can you can win your award for up to 10,000 minutes on the bike, and I’m sure or tread. And I’m sure that that’s going to probably increase pretty soon, too, because when I took a look at some of the stats there were people that were 30 and 40,000 minutes already.  Isn’t that crazy?

Mark: Let’s not forget the the #PeloBuddyTV tag as well, I think that’s important to say, So tag us –  #PeloBuddyTV.

Amanda: And I think that’s fun because as far as the community grows and as we do more of these podcasts and TV shows, we’re hoping that more folks will jump on and we can ride as a crew and hopefully we’ll be able to focus on certain ones that we do, so that’ll be really cool to to add add that tag to it.

Amanda: And then just to wrap up, as far as the Peloton Tread and bike, etc., we came to the end, as we mentioned last week, of the Pelothon Challenge.  It officially wrapped up and we all got our badges towards the beginning of last week, which was really exciting.  And Peloton announced their final numbers.  I believe, Mark, that there were 324,790 Peloton enthusiasts that participated.  Not too shabby, huh? Incredible.  But I think the take away from all of this, which none of us need to forget, or certainly can’t forget, is why they did it – the one million dollar donation to the four organizations that Peloton gave to is absolutely incredible. So, to remind folks – the Food Bank for New York City, The Trussell Trust, Die Tafel, and the Daily Bread Food Bank were all recipients of the one million dollar donation that Peloton made by us crazies being on that bike for four weeks.

Mark: That’s amazing. Amazing. And I guess we can say that the unofficial winners were the Breakthrough crew.

Amanda: Good for the Breakthrough crew. It wasn’t my team. – I was so HouseOfShine all the way, but good for Breakthrough crew and certainly it was a fun, few weeks that we got to challenge one another.

Mark: I think we’ll see it again, Amanda. So, some other news that that’s come out this week, Nautilus, a competitor of Peloton, had their earnings call this week, quarter two, and guidance was 94 million. It actually ended up being 140 million dollars, which was a 94 percent year on year growth. Amazing. Now, they have the direct segment cardio equipment sales, which grew by a hundred and eighty three percent. I mean, staggering figures driven by Bowflex, the C6 bike, the Scwhin, IC4 bike, the Bowflex Max trainer. The fact that they manufacture the spin bikes and that’s up super high – points to Peloton having good earnings calls. It’s a good indication. Obviously we’re waiting for Peloton to announce their earnings call in early September.

Amanda: Yeah – so it’s interesting that there is all this competition that’s coming out there. As we mentioned in last week’s episode, the stock’s done so well and there’s always room for improvement. And this will obviously give Peloton a little bit of an edge and help them continue to expand and become better. So it’ll be interesting to see how Nautilus affects Peloton on down the road. So we’ll have to keep an eye out on that.

Mark: Absolutely. So that’s the that’s the news for this episode.

Amanda: Now it’s time for Pelo Chat. I’m really excited this week to welcome Leah Rosenkrantz, one of our fellow Pelo riders. Leah is from New Jersey and a mental health professional. And with the crazy times we are living in, thought it appropriate that we had her chat to us a little bit about what her thoughts about the bike and how it’s helped so many of us get through this pandemic and all of us being at home and staying home. So, Leah, are you there?

Leah: I am here, Amanda, and I am so excited to talk about two of my greatest passions, which are mental health and definitely riding my Peloton bike.

Amanda: That’s absolutely fantastic. Well, welcome.  We are thrilled to have you join us and look forward to chatting a little bit more about you. So let’s start by you telling us a little bit about yourself.

Leah: Sure. So I am a mom of two daughters and I live in New Jersey, outside of Philadelphia, and I practice psychiatry in New Jersey, and treat children, adolescents, and adults – and have been doing so in private practice for nine years. I have had my Peloton bike for about fifty weeks and I am coming up on ride number seven hundred, which I am carefully planning to fall on the Prince ride, which is to be, I believe, seven thirty tomorrow night, Eastern Time.

Amanda: Oh Leah, that’s absolutely fantastic. Wow, that’s amazing. I mean, to be able to time it that way will be amazing. I don’t know if you’ll get a shout out, but that’s OK. Just to be able to ride together with Ally Love and Emma Lovewell, I think it will be a joy in itself.  And that’s amazing – 50 weeks and 700 rides! You are a beast on there. I mean, you are a complete beast.  I just hit 700 rides and I’ve been riding for a long time. So good for you, Good for you. That’s absolutely amazing.  So tell us, how did you find the bike? How did you kind of get started on the bike?

Leah: Well, this is actually, in my mind, it’s a funny story. I hope other people will find it amusing. So I was somewhat of a pessimist – I never took a spin class. I always thought it just didn’t look like that much fun. And so I wasn’t all that interested, even though I had friends that raved about their Peloton bikes. And I went on vacation last year and this fabulous gym happened to have one Peloton bike in it. And I thought, hey, you know, let me jump on here and see what this is all about. Three rides later and I could barely walk, but I got it. I was really, I think I was hooked after that first time on the bike. And we were driving home on the vacation and I was on my phone ordering a bike.

Amanda: Oh, Leah, that’s amazing. I think that is probably one of the coolest stories that I’ve heard. I mean, I know that I now look for hotels that have bikes in them (don’t tell people that), but I do because I think it’s kind of cool to be able to continue riding.  And I get quite frustrated when I am somewhere that there isn’t a bike – and this past weekend we were at the beach and I didn’t have a bike. It was kind of nice to have a little bit of a rest, but, you know, you get antsy – I couldn’t wait to jump back on. So I get you. I get you. What a cool story. That’s amazing.  And tell us how you found the bike has transformed you, transformed folks that you know, people that you’ve worked for.  I mean, as I mentioned, you know, there’s no question that I think mentally it can be such a huge, huge resource for us just to kind of vent and get on there and sweat it out. I mean, have you found that that, as a mental health professional, you’ve seen that in yourself and maybe some people that have used it?

Leah: Well, I’ve always advocated fitness or physical activity as being a vital part of mental health, a feeling good emotionally and physically, and I practice what I preach. I’ve always been doing some type of exercise. I think I saw myself as someone who kind of had it all down, knew all the ropes, and then I got a Peloton bike and realized there was so much more out there for me personally in my fitness potential and goals and setting goals. And it’s a lot of fun. I think when the Covid-19 pandemic first happened and we were all forced to practically quarantine – I was seeing all of my patients via only a screen and felt very isolated.  And when you get on that bike and you are with other riders, whether it’s a live ride or it’s a previously recorded ride – you really don’t feel alone. One, you feel like the instructors are there for you supporting you, but you also feel this sense of team and they often talk about, you know, hands on your back, you know, and you really you really do feel that. And I think that that was really important. I was so grateful that I had the Peloton bike when March happened so that I could just every morning get up and feel like I was part of the community – all over the world.

Amanda: Yeah, I think that is, I mean, I agree with you.  I think that certainly has been – and it’s funny because you could have led me into my next question to you is – What do you like about the community? And I think you’ve answered it. You’ve answered it and that we are a community. And it is amazing.  And I’m almost sad for folks that haven’t been able to find that aspect of it. And there are a handful that do it for different reasons. But I think you’re right, it brought us all together when those instructors started bringing their bikes and treadmills into their homes and were offering live classes from their living rooms. I mean, wow. You know, to think of I know it was a huge, huge amount of work for Peloton to have to do. But they thought of us as a community and we all were in it together. And I know just from my own perspective, it kept me sane. I mean, I’m sure you felt the same way.

Leah: Absolutely. And if my patients will allow me to just talk to them about the Peloton, not just the Peloton bike, but the Peloton app, I really do encourage them to look into the app because there are so many other things.  If you for some reason, the bike, so many people had to wait months to get the bike. You know, or financially it’s a stretch, which I understand. But there’s yoga, there’s meditation, there’s outdoor runs. There’s all of these other aspects of the Peloton app which people can take advantage of without actually having the bike or the tread. And right before we got on this call, it was so ironic. I was talking to a patient and she said she was in a really difficult place. And she said to me, you’re not going to believe what I did. I have a neighbor who has a Peloton. And I started riding because you recommended perhaps trying it. And she said it’s it really was for her. It was turning the corner. She said and now I make sure that I make a half an hour, you know, for myself every day. And I do that for myself and I really enjoy it. And it’s it’s made all the difference in the world in how I feel. And that was just that was really amazing that that happened right before this phone call.

Amanda: Well, it just proves again, it proves how how this really helped – and you’re right. I mean, it’s just making time. And I used all the excuses in the world before I got my bike. You know, I work full time, as so many of us do, and never could find time to exercise. And my husband said it to me and I to this day, I laugh about it because he said to me, it’s going to sit in our gym and be another clothes horse. And I said, no, it won’t. And when I first got it, I didn’t use it quite as avidly as I started last year. But he looks at me now and goes- Who are you? You know, who are you that you get up and do it? And, you know, and even just working from home, it’s been amazing to have that ability to get on in the morning or get on at night and and have it so easily accessible. So you’re right. You’re 100 percent right. Wow, that’s amazing. So Leah, I understand you part of the PFP, the Peloton Female Physicians group on Facebook. Tell me a little bit about that.

Leah: So this is a group of female physicians all over the world. And I joined it almost immediately after I got my bike.  And it’s definitely made it so much more fun being that I have a lot of people that I ride with, whether it’s on demand or live. And so I always feel like I ride with family, my PFP family. You know, but we also talk about the rides after and we talk about our favorite things and we’re all really excited about the Prince ride. So I wanted to give a shout out to the PFP because I think that they’ve made my journey with Peloton so much more fun.

Amanda: That’s awesome. I think that’s fantastic.  And as we start to see groups continue to evolve in categories that makes sense for each one. It certainly does help because they’re things, whether it be the mom group or whether it be, you know, as you say, a physician group. I think that you’re absolutely right.  I know that we have a Maryland group, you know, there’s a group of us that are in the Maryland area.  So that’s awesome – so shout out to the Peloton Female Physician Group. So Leah you got me right where I needed you to be. I’m going to do something new today. We are going to fire away some questions at you and I need a quick answer. I’m going to do a 60 second descent and recovery. As I fire away the questions, you’ll give me the answers and let’s hear from you.Are you ready?

Leah: I’m ready.

Amanda: All right. Let’s go – Bike or Tread?

Leah: Bike.

Amanda: Favorite instructor – Ally Love or Cody Rigsby.

Leah: Ally Love.

Amanda: High cadence or high resistance.

Leah: High cadence

Amanda: Early Bird Rider or night owl?

Leah: Early bird.

Amanda: Meditation or strength training?

Leah: Strength training

Amanda: Live or on demand rides.

Leah: Prefer live.

Amanda: First class taken?

Leah: With Ally Love – I can’t remember exactly which one.

Amanda: And favorite ever class.

Leah: Britney Spears ride with Cody.

Amanda: Fantastic – you’re a star. That’s awesome. So many of the same answers that I would have given. That’s too funny. Good job, Leah. So most important question so we can tell all our viewers and listeners and you can have tons more followers on your leaderboard. What’s your leaderboard name?

Leah: It is #DrAllTheFeels

Amanda: Oh, I love it. That’s perfect. That’s perfect. Oh, that’s great. Well, you are certainly going to have lots of folks wanting to follow you now and join you on the leaderboard. And I have to say, for me, that’s been probably one of the most fun parts of this journey. You know, strangers like you, there are folks all over the world that I am now best friends with because we jump on the bike together and get to ride.  So I look forward to seeing you on the leaderboard and riding alongside you, although you look like you’re going to be some kind of beast. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to compete with you, but it’ll be fun to high five you anyway.

Leah: I will definitely high five you back. Amanda, I look forward to seeing you on the leaderboard.

Amanda: Fantastic. Well, I thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. And we’ll see you on the leaderboard.

Leah: You’re welcome. I’ll see you there.

Mark: And now it’s time for Pelo Shouts.

Amanda: And now it’s over to Jem for Pelo Lives with all the live workouts for the upcoming week.

Jem: Thanks, Amanda. Hey everyone, welcome to Pelo Live. This is the section of the show I run through the best runs and rides for the upcoming week. We’re going to dive straight in with this week’s schedule.

Monday –
7:00 a.m. EST, 12:00 p.m. UK time, 20 minute intervals run with Selena Samuela
9:00 a.m. EST, 2:00 p.m. UK, 30 minutes pop ride with Ben Alldis
6:00 p.m. EST, 11:00 p.m. U.K. time, 30 minute reset ride with Dennis Morton

Moving on to Tuesday –
We have a 9:00 a.m. EST, 2 p.m. U.K. time, 30 minute Motown ride with the Leanne Hainsby
10:30 a.m. EST, 3:30 pm U.K. time, is a 30 minute 70s pop run with Rebecca Kennedy

Wednesday –
10:30 a.m. EST, 3:30 p.m. U.K. time is a 30 minute EDM run with Matty Maggiacomo
11:30 a.m. EST, 4:30 PM U.K. time –  30 minute HIIT ride with Robin

Thursday –
We have an 8:00 a.m. EST, 1:00 p.m. U.K. time, 30 minute HIIT & hills with Olivia Amato
12:30 p.m. EST, 5:30 p.m. U.K. time –  30 minute pop ride with Sam Yo
7:00 p.m. EST, midnight here in the UK is a 20 minute hip hop run with Jess Sims

Friday –
We have 7:00 a.m. EST, 12:00pm in the U.K. – a 30 minute interval run with Adrian Williams.
11:30 a.m. EST, 4:30 p.m. U.K. time is a 30 minute classic rock ride with Emma Lovewell

Saturday –
We’re starting with an 8:00 a.m. EST, 1:00 p.m. U.K. time – 60 minute power zone endurance ride with Matt Wilpers
9:30 a.m. EST, 2:30 p.m. U.K. time –  30 minute Interval and Arms ride with Tunde Oyeneyin

Sunday –
We have 5:00 a.m. EST, 10:00 a.m. U.K. time – the Sunday pyramids
11:30am EST, 4:30pm U.K. time – 30 minute Interval & Arms ride with Ally Love.

Jem: So that’s it then, guys, I hope you have an amazing week, whatever class you decide to take and take care and I’ll see you all  soon. Back to you guys.

Mark: So that’s the end of this episode.

Amanda: Thank you so much for watching. And don’t forget to subscribe to Pelo Buddy podcast, our YouTube channel, and of course, encourage your friends to jump on and watch this live cast over and over again. We look forward to seeing you next week. Bye for now!

Mark: Bye Bye.

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