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New Apparel Collection: Athleta + Hill City

Less than 2 weeks after the Paint Your Canvas apparel collection was released, Peloton is back with another new collection. Featuring gear from both Athleta & Hill City, this new apparel collection is “Powered By You”.

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What does that mean? Well, as opposed to the normal apparel releases where all the shots in the store and marketing materials show the coaches in the gear, this collection is featuring both coaches, as well as real Peloton users modeling the collection!

A few of the other promo shots are shown below (all images courtesy of

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If you’re curious about what the actual items from the collection are, we have you covered. The Athleta items include tanks, pullovers, bras, tights, and capris. The Hill City items include tanks, tees, hoodies, half zips, and shorts.

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Will you be adding any Peloton gear to your house from this collection?

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