Update to “Here Now” Leaderboard on Peloton Bike / Tread / Row (Again) – Feature or Bug?

Peloton hardware owners who have installed the latest software update may have noticed a couple of changes – one of which some members may be hoping is a bug.

Update – After being in place a few days, things seem to have gone back to normal & how they worked before.

The biggest change is impacting the “here now” leaderboard. This update is impacting all devices – from Bike, to Tread/Tread+, as well as the new Peloton Row.

When taking a class from the on-demand library you typically see two leaderboards: one that contains all the members who have ever taken the ride, and a “here now” leaderboard that shows a list of members who are currently taking the ride. Those members will inevitably be spread across various stages of the ride, and the leaderboard only grows, never shrinks. In other words, if another rider started before you, they remain on the “here now” leaderboard – even after they finished the ride – for your entire class.

However, this appears to have changed with the latest software update. Now, members will disappear from the leaderboard as soon as they finish a class. This means that the leaderboard is constantly updating and the number of members present can decrease as members complete classes.

The Here Now leaderboard is now removing people once they finish their classes.
The Here Now leaderboard is now removing people once they finish their classes.

You can see an example of this in action below (note the example is from the last time this “feature” was put in place in 2020):

Members have also reported accuracy issues with the leaderboard in recent days. At numerous points during the ride the member count would decrease dramatically for a couple of seconds before reverting back to the number it had been around before. Other times you could be bumped to the bottom of the leaderboard with your output showing a zero, even though your Bike metrics were normal.

It is currently unclear whether removing completed riders from the “here now” leaderboard is a new feature, or it is a bug with the latest software update. The inconsistencies and inaccuracies with the leaderboard suggest it may be a bug – however, Peloton did roll this out as a feature in 2020. This lasted for around a week before Peloton reverted the leaderboard back to normal following member complaints.

If you’re a Peloton hardware owner, have you noticed changes in the “here now” leaderboard recently? Do you hope this is a new feature, or do you prefer to see riders on the leaderboard even after they’ve completed the ride?

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Katie Weicher
Katie Weicher is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Peloton Bike in 2016 and has been riding, strength training, and yoga flowing ever since. You can find her on the leaderboard at #kweich.


  • Steve says:

    Absolutely – and if you follow any of the Peloton groups, it’s fairly clear that everyone that uses “Here Now” hates this change. Please let Peloton know!

  • Ted says:

    My issue with this is recently, I may be the only one on the board and after a minute or so, about a half dozen people show up all of a sudden and either are ahead or behind me in terms of minutes cycled? Very perplexing. I also would like to see the cmpleted members remain on the board and not be deleted. Something to see where you fit in in terms of the excercise just completed!!

  • Justin says:

    Maybe I’ve got a freak bike leaderboard, but mine has always worked this way since I got the bike. If somebody finishes a class, they only stay on the leaderboard for a few seconds and then disappear. (maybe they finished but are still in the class on their bike) Some stay longer than others, but its very common for people to leave mid-ride.

  • Jeff says:

    I’ve noticed it and I’m hoping it is a bug. Very annoying.

  • Annemarie Work says:

    I would prefer to keep the old version of Here now leaderboard, as it gives me me more opportunities to overtake another rider. As one of the slower, older riders, I am usually well down the leaderboard, so seeing a completed ride, within reach, is very motivating for me.

  • Robbie says:

    I don’t like it at all. Hoping it’s just a bug.

  • Walter says:

    I preferred the old here now leaderboard since even if folks finish ahead of me, I can see exactly where I land in the pack I was riding with .
    This new way seems to create the possibility that I’m king of the hill on rides but it’s just not true, so why install an algorithm that creates a fake result?
    I can handle the truth, and feel I see room to improve if the here now leaderboard reverts to the old way.

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