Peloton giving away accessory packages for $1 to people who demo a Peloton Bike, Tread, or Row at showrooms in-store (“A Father’s Day Gift”)

Peloton is attempting to drive some extra foot traffic to their showrooms over the next few days. Calling it “an extra gift for Father’s Day”, Peloton will offer new customers an accessory package for $1 to those who come to a participating showroom and get a demo of a Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, or Row.

The email sent about the offer said this:

An extra gift for Father’s Day. From June 1 to June 5, get an accessories package valued at $191 for just $1 (plus taxes and fees, while supplies last) when you book an in-store trial or walk in to try a Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, or Row.

The accessory package that you can then buy for $1 will include a special edition Peloton workout mat, a glass Peloton water bottle (which Peloton previously gave away for $1 for mailing list signups), the old Peloton heart rate chest monitor (not the newer Peloton heart rate band), and Peloton resistance bands.

You can find a list of Peloton showrooms here (affiliate link) – and can also book appointments online through each showroom website.

Unfortunately, the fine print of the email states that it is U.S. only.

 The accessories package Peloton is selling for $1 for those who get a demo.
The accessories package Peloton is selling for $1 for those who get a demo.

This offer valid from June 1 – 5, 2023, while supplies last, so there isn’t much time to take advantage of it (and even though it calls it a “father’s day gift”, it isn’t valid on or through father’s day). In addition, this is only available to those who don’t already own Peloton devices. The terms & conditions clarify that “Current All-Access Members, Guide Members, and Peloton employees are not eligible to participate in this offer”. It is also limited to one per person as well as one per address. You will also be charged taxes and fees.

The fine print also notes that there also may be “applicable delivery fees”, so these items might be shipped to you from a warehouse, rather than you walking out of the store with them after your demo. However, since the offer is listed as “participating stores only”, this might be fine print left over from a previous offer, and they may in fact have the items in stores.

The email also states that it is available at “Participating stores”, but doesn’t specify which they are – so your best bet is to call your local showroom and see if they are participating.

It was recently shared that Peloton will be moving their showroom employees away from a commission-based salary. However, that change doesn’t go into effect until July, so your local showroom employees will still earn a comission from anything you purchase from them via the phone or in person while this offer is going on

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