Official: Daniel McKenna has left Peloton and is no longer an instructor

Update – Daniel sued Peloton for wrongful termination, and the lawsuit was dismissed in December.

Instructor Daniel McKenna has left Peloton. Peloton shared the news via social media in a post in the Official Peloton Facebook Group, saying:


Daniel McKenna is no longer a Peloton instructor. His classes will remain in our library for Members to enjoy. We wish Daniel all the best in his next chapter.

A post from Peloton announcing Daniel McKenna is no longer with Peloton.
A post from Peloton announcing Daniel McKenna is no longer with Peloton.

Daniel’s last live class was on September 11, but he also had a pre-recorded outdoor run drop on demand on September 16. It does not appear as though he will have any sort of final send off class.

Daniel was a relatively new addition to the Peloton team, as he was officially announced in August of 2021. He taught on the Tread, as well as on the mat for strength content.

Members have been speculating & wondering about Daniel’s whereabouts for a number of weeks. He has been noticeably silent on social media, and though he had numerous classes on the upcoming schedule, they all ended up being last minute substitutions by other instructors.

Daniel experienced an injury earlier this year that forced him off the live schedule for approximately three months. Some members thought perhaps he reinjured himself, but others pointed out that when that happened, Daniel shared why he was not on the upcoming schedule on social media.

Instructor turnover is quite low at Peloton, yet Daniel is the second coach to leave this year. Chase Tucker announced his departure back in March to start his own leadership coaching business. In addition, two instructors left Peloton in 2021: Irene Scholz announced her departure in May of 2021, and Marina Andresen left in December of 2021 after only joining Peloton that September. Chase, Irene, and Marina all still have classes available in the on demand library.

Prior to that, there had only been two instructor departures since 2019: Oliver Lee and Jennifer Jacobs. Oliver Lee’s classes were immediately removed from the on demand library, and Jennifer Jacobs’ classes were not removed until August 2020, more than a year after her exit.

As stated their post, Daniel’s classes will remain on demand for the foreseeable future, though he will likely be moved to the bottom of the instructor list since he is no longer an active instructor.

Daniel has not yet shared exactly what he is doing next, but we wish him the best of luck!

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