Peloton instructor Becs Gentry.

Peloton Tread Feature Teases: Lanebreak for Tread+,Free Mode Classes Returning, More Longer Classes, Power Zone Style Classes Coming?

Peloton instructor Becs Gentry recently participated in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” alongside Peloton Product Manager Renato Moratore. The thread in the r/pelotoncycle subreddit provided insight into new and returning initiatives members can expect for the Tread in the future: including free mode returning, longer-form classes, Lanebreak coming to Tread+, and the possibility of power zone style Peloton running classes.

First, a member asked if Peloton will ever bring Power Zone style classes to the Tread. The question posed:

Can you bring powerzone type structures to the tread?
I love the way the workouts get structured and finding ways to build on previous workouts, train different systems, etc. I would love to translate this to the tread

Becs responded: “I foresee some happy vibes in your future.” Though she did not elaborate, this suggests that Peloton is actively pursuing a Power Zone type class structure for the Tread. Whether it will actually be called “Power Zone” in the Tread version remains to be seen, but it appears that members can look forward to a new class style on the Tread in the future. Peloton previously had some structured heart-rate zone classes for the Tread, but true power zone training classes have yet made an appearance on the Peloton Tread – yet.

Next, a user asked a question about free mode. For those unfamiliar, free mode is a feature particular to the Tread+ that allows the runner to move the belt without the motor, requiring increased effort and providing an added challenge. Instructors have not cued free mode in Peloton classes for some time now, but Renato indicated via the Reddit thread that it will return for some classes in 2024, writing: “We’re planning to bring free mode back to select classes early this year.”

Peloton instructor Becs Gentry.
Peloton instructor Becs Gentry.

Renato also mentioned in his response that Lanebreak will be rolled out to the Tread+ “soon.” Lanebreak first debuted on the Tread in June 2023, but it has not yet made its way to the Tread+. The Reddit thread indicates Tread+ owners will have access to Lanebreak at some point in the future, though an exact timeline is currently unclear.

Finally, numerous members posed questions about the potential for longer-form Peloton classes; i.e. classes that are 60, 75, or 90 minutes in length. To users who expressed a desire for more long running classes, Becs replied with a simple “stay tuned” or a smiley face emoji. As a reminder, Peloton released the first-ever 90 minute runs back in September with Susie Chan; around the same time Matt Wilpers taught a 120 minute cycling class and indicated more were on the way. Longer duration classes are a frequent request from many members, and the Reddit thread suggests that some are on the way, at least in the running modality.

You can view the complete AMA session with Becs and Renato via Reddit. Which of these future developments are you most excited for?

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