Complete list of 2023 Peloton All For One Classes By Artist

Peloton’s 2023 All For One musical festival is starting today – with over a hundred classes taught by dozens of artists. The event will take place from Sept 7 – 9, as first announced last month. The full lineup of artists included was announced a few weeks ago, but until today, we didn’t know what coach would be teaching which classes.

Although only a handful of classes will be taught live, there are many others dropping directly to the on-demand library.

In addition to the primary artist series classes during All For One, there will also be some “Listening Party classes”, which will include samplers of several of the artists included for All For One – which you can then go take their full length All For One class after if you enjoy them. Note that these classes, and the individual artist series classes, won’t be released until 2am ET on Friday, 9/8.

If you’re looking for longer All For One classes, you won’t find many, as most range between 10 to 20 minutes long. Peloton is advertising this as a feature, saying “All classes in the Peloton All For One Music Festival (other than the live ones) are 20-minutes or less, meaning you can build your own workout vibe.”

This is the second year of Peloton’s All For One Music festival – you can see the lineup and full list of classes for the 2022 All For One festival here.

Below, you can find a list of classes and who is teaching what for Peloton’s 2023 All For One Music Festival, grouped by artist. You can also find a collection on Peloton’s site with them grouped by class type.

Peloton All For One Listening Party Classes

Armin van Buuren Classes (Peloton All For One)

The Black Keys Classes (Peloton All For One)

Betty Who Classes (Peloton All For One)

Chris Stapleton Classes (Peloton All For One)

City Girls Classes (Peloton All For One)

Chaka Khan Classes (Peloton All For One)

  • Jeffrey McEachern – 30 min Chaka Khan Walk + Run [German] – 9/7/23 @ 11:00am ET
  • Hannah Frankson – 30 min Chaka Khan Walk + Run – 9/7/23 @ 12:30pm ET
  • Leanne Hainsby – 30 min Chaka Khan Ride – 9/7/23 @ 12:30pm ET
  • Ash Pryor – 20 min Chaka Khan Row – 9/7/23 @ 12:30pm ET
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts – 30 min Chaka Khan Yoga Flow – 9/7/23 @ 2:00pm ET
  • Selena Samuela – 20 min Chaka Khan Glutes & Legs Strength – 9/7/23 @ 2:30pm ET

Dave Classes (Peloton All For One)

Dave Matthews Band Classes (Peloton All For One)

The Eagles Classes (Peloton All For One)

Ellie Goulding Classes (Peloton All For One)

Flex Jaehn Classes (Peloton All For One)

  • Nico Sarani – 30 min Felix Jaehn Yoga Power Flow [German] – 9/9/23 @ 5:30am ET
  • Assal Arian – 30 min Felix Jaehn Full Body Strength [German] – 9/9/23 @ 5:30am ET
  • Marcel Maurer – 30 min Felix Jaehn Run [German] – 9/9/23 @ 5:30am ET
  • Erik Jager – 30 min Felix Jaehn Ride [Geramn] – 9/9/23 @ 5:30am ET

FKJ Classes (Peloton All For One)

Gorillaz Classes (Peloton All For One)

Hozier Classes (Peloton All For One)

  • Jess King – 30 min Hozier Walk – 9/9/23 @ 7:30am ET
  • Kristin McGee – 20 min Hozier Pilates – 9/9/23 @ 7:30am ET
  • Matt Wilpers – 20 min Hozier Row – 9/9/23 @ 7:30am ET
  • Denis Morton – 30 min Hozier Ride – 9/9/23 @ 7:30am ET
  • Anna Greenberg – 30 min Hozier Slow Flow – 9/9/23 @ 9:00am ET
  • Anna Greenberg – 10 min Hozier Meditation – 9/9/23 @ 9:45am ET

Katy Perry Classes (Peloton All For One)

  • Katie Wang – 20 min Katy Perry Row – 9/9/23 @ 11:30am ET
  • Cody Rigsby – 30 min Katy Perry Ride – 9/9/23 @ 11:30am ET
  • Andy Speer – 30 min Katy Perry Run + Walk – 9/9/23 @ 11:30am ET
  • Marcel Maurer – 30 min Katy Perry Bodyweight Strength [German] – 9/9/23 @ 11:30am ET
  • Benny Adami – 30 min Katy Perry Ride [German] – 9/9/23 @ 11:30am ET
  • Mayla Wedekind – 30 min Katy Perry Walk [German] – 9/9/23 @ 11:30am ET
  • Aditi Shah – 30 min Katy Perry Yoga Power Flow – 9/9/23 @ 1:00pm ET
  • Callie Gullickson – 30 min Katy Perry Full Body Strength – 9/9/23 @ 1:30pm ET

Kali Uchis Classes (Peloton All For One)

The Kid LAROI Classes (Peloton All For One)

LL Cool J Classes (Peloton All For One)

LP Giobbi Classes (Peloton All For One)

Machine Gun Kelly Classes (Peloton All For One)

Maren Morris Classes (Peloton All For One)

Metro Boomin Classes (Peloton All For One)

Miguel Classes (Peloton All For One)

Pusha T Classes (Peloton All For One)

Rauw Alejandro Classes (Peloton All For One)

RAYE Classes (Peloton All For One)

Rema Classes (Peloton All For One)

Sampha Classes (Peloton All For One)

Salt-N-Pepa Classes (Peloton All For One)

Skrillex Classes (Peloton All For One)

  • Kendall Toole – 30 min Skrillex Ride – 9/8/23 @ 12:30pm ET
  • Adrian Williams – 20 min Skrillex Row – 9/8/23 @ 12:30pm ET
  • Olivia Amato – 30 min Skrillex Run – 9/8/23 @ 12:30pm ET
  • Ben Alldis – 20 min Skrillex Upper Body Strength – 9/8/23 @ 2:30pm ET
  • Camila Ramon – 30 min Skrillex Ride [Spanish] – 9/9/23 @ 10:00am ET

Thirty Seconds To Mars Classes (Peloton All For One)

ZZ Top Classes (Peloton All For One)

As a reminder, Peloton has a flash challenge by taking multiple all for one classes. There is also a badge for taking any of the All For One classes.

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