Peloton Yo-Yo Ma artist series schedule. Image credit Peloton social media.

Yo-Yo Ma Peloton Classes & Workouts – Featured Artist Series

Peloton has announced a new artist series, which will feature the music of renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Peloton shared the news via Instagram:

Working out is a natural source of dopamine. So is listening to @yoyoma play the cello. Let the virtuoso’s passionate take on the classics inspire you to move with the same zest for life in this week’s Artist Series.

Classes begin on May 11, and the series will include four classes across four modalities in both English and German. The instructors for the series will be: Jeffrey McEachern, Mariana Fernández, Becs Gentry, and Christine D’Ercole. You can find the complete class list below:

Yo-Yo Ma Peloton Classes & Schedule & Workouts – Featured Artist Series

  • 30 min Yo-Yo Ma Walk – Jeffrey McEachern – 5/11/22 @ 12pm ET [German]
  • 30 min Yo-Yo Ma Slow Flow – Mariana Fernández – 5/11/22 @ 6:30pm ET
  • 20 min Yo-Yo Ma Run – Becs Gentry – 5/11/22 @ 7pm ET
  • 20 min Yo-Yo Ma Ride – Christine D’Ercole – 5/11/22 @ 8pm ET

Members can expect to receive an artist series badge for taking any Yo-Yo Ma class. They will likely receive an Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month badge as well, as Peloton is celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month all month long. If you’re interested in collecting other badges, check out our complete guide.

For the full rundown on all available artist series, you can peruse our exhaustive artist series list. In addition, if you’re interested in other Peloton workouts that feature classical music, you can check out our complete list for all available classical music content.

Will you be taking any of the new Yo-Yo Ma content?

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