Could there be a Peloton Run Club from Peloton London Studios with instructors coming soon?

Could there be a “Peloton Run Club” in the works in London? Instructor Jon Hosking hinted in a recent class that there is.

In his 30 minute 80s Run on December 10 at 4:00am ET, Jon stated:

Soon we’re actually going to be launching a little Peloton Run Club here in London. Outdoors, from the studio, with some big name instructors, such as Ben Alldis.

You can view the complete clip via our YouTube channel, or embedded below.

Peloton has not made any official announcements, or even hinted at the development of a Peloton running club – so it is possible that Hosking was joking, especially since Ben Alldis does not teach on the Tread.

If Hosking was serious, it sounds like the running club would be entirely outdoors, departing from Peloton Studios London (PSL) with various routes throughout London. Members would have the opportunity to run alongside instructors and fellow members.

If you’re a U.K.-based Peloton member, would you be interested in participating in a potential Peloton Run Club? If you’re a U.S.-based Peloton member, would you be interested in a similar club based out of Peloton Studios New York (PSNY)?

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Katie Weicher
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